Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bringing out the dead

I am going to visit Uncle John after lunch, then go to my house and haul out the dead. One could be buried, 20 something just isn't feasible and the sheer numbers are a bit overwhelming.

Each one had a name and a personality and a history. Many I've raised from babies. Some were fairly valuable, some had value only to me. Some of them were wild caught, coming from Africa a place I've always wanted to see. Many were the current pinnacles of other people's breeding program-they best they had produced so far.

Death is such a strange thing. One minute, a being has all this potential, the next it's gone forever. Just gone. Where does it go?

Entire religions and societies have been built around what a group believes happens to us after we die. Wars, atrocities all because of what we think will happen after we die.

Maybe we should spend more time thinking on what we'll do while we are alive.


Michele said...

Very good point. I spend a lot of time worrying about how I'll live when I'm old and have to retire. So I guess the same could be said for that as well. Here's to living in the moment. We should all do more of it ... unless of course at the moment you are freezing your behind off and then it's a different story.

Forever Young said...

more than twenty, i never realised, how are you holding up with the grief( not your family, you?)
here's my e mail address if you want to just 'talk'.

Debra Kay said...

I had a nice surprise today. Elvis, Andy Warhol and Scarlett (the indigenous species) bruminated-a snake form of hibernation.