Saturday, December 22, 2007

Wind Revisited

Beam Me Up Scotty: Learning to Love the Wind

With many of the limbs gone from the trees, the wind at 40 miles an hour no longer sounds like the ocean waves. It is shrieking through the wires that have survived the ice storm. I can easily see how native Americans felt the wind had its own spirit. It's a noisy spirit at that!

The squirrel aborted his highwire act this morning and opted to cling to the pole instead. The only bird that appeared was way up high and looked to be caught in a whirlwind.

The howling wind both isolates and comforts me at the same time. It also concerns me because there are a few branches left on the sycamore tree that could be a challenge. Right now the cat is curled around my neck and the dogs are sleeping off their breakfast. I can't be concerned about the snow predicted for later today, tomorrow is supposed to top out at 50 degrees and the wind at 20 miles an hour.

Today I just want to pull the wind around me like a cloak and nest.


Forever Young said...

i must confess i hate the wind more than the cold or even the rain, and rain plus a high wind just makes me miserable. not sure i'd want to pull it round me like a cloak!

Debra Kay said...

In my mind I was pulling it around the house...not me. Not a big fan of wind in my face.