Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My First Cosmic Cowgirl Thing!

My Christmas Sister (Carol) sent me a really awesome handpainted vintage train case. Its painted with stars and on the top says Cosmic Cowgirl and in the front "We have more fun than anyone " ...the Sisters on the Fly motto. I am so in love with it.

Inside were many goodies, but my favorite was the potato. (Carol is from Idaho). We are going to have my potato for New Years Eve with the left over ribs from Christmas Eve.

Idaho sounds like a really cool place and I hope to get up there some time. It's the birthplace of the Appaloosa, one of my favorite horses. Ahhh, the road calls.

I'm hitching up the Cowgirl in January for a Sister get together in Broken Bow. It will be "dry camping", the trailer is winterized, but I have my horsey robe, my paddock boots and my train case and I'm going to find a cool martini shaker-so I'll be all set!

I've got some things in various stages for the Cowgirl, but I'm really tickled to have something complete and ready for the trip. The train case makes it seem like a reality-hitching up and off on our maiden voyage!

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