Saturday, December 22, 2007

Snow and Ice-Not the same thing

What is falling outside now is snow, real live flakey snow. When shopping last night at the Health Food Store (pre snow storm shopping) I had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. A few weeks ago I stocked up pre storm and lost a lot of savory goodies to a power failure.

But it doesn't make sense to let one bad event just keep replaying over and over. Yes, bad things happen, but so do good things. The wind is making the snow look a lot fiercer than it probably really is, but it is keeping the cat and I amused nonetheless.

If each snowflake is different, so is each individual moment in our lives. Together they make up the accumulation of experience and wisdom (hah) that make each of us our own unique being. Yes, I've had some tense moments, some scared moments, moments of saddness and bitterness and anger. But that is also mixed in with lots of time spent watching snowflakes with the cat, floating in the warm ocean or reaching a goal.

Remember to celebrate your own accumulation!


Mim said...

Such good advice in your last sentence.
Just want to let you know that it is "cold" down here in Florida - not expected to get above 70 today. What a pity (NOT)

Forever Young said...

that awful feeling in the pit of the stomach more or less sums up my feelings right now. i know i'm NOT a december/christmas ho ho ho person, so no surprise there, but all this extra pressure is heavy....i will be thinking of you and sending you lots of warm and positive vibes and you send me some too.

Debra Kay said...

Poor Mim, braving the cold of a Florida winter.

FY the trick is to know when the pit in your stomach is just nerves or when it's trying to tell you something. I haven't quite worked that trick out fully yet either. But I do wish you the best!

Maybe next December we should follow Mim to Florida like sensible folk.