Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Red Cowgirl Boots

I bought a pair of red cowgirl boots at a thrift store. I was originally going to make a planter out of one, and a wine cooler out of the other. Then I thought, two wine coolers, and use one as a hostess gift for a horsey event I'm attending. THEN, I thought, a very unique western style aroma diffuser.....THEN...needless to say, there are only two boots and so many ideas.

But, I bought some leather belts at the thrift store to make handles for the wine cooler if that's what I decide to do. And some foot tree things to keep the front of the boot shaped no matter what I do with the shaft.

I'm going to let the ideas ferment, and on New Year's Day I will create something with my leather boots. In fact, New Year's day is going to be all about creating, that's how I want to spend it-not avoiding cleaning or chores or whatever, just creating and playing with my dogs. Happy New Year to Me!


kj said...

interesting ideas for your leather, debra kay. my partner jb would wear those red cowboy boots.

hey--have a great new year's day. create and play to your heart's content!!

and thanks for all your support to me and my blog. it means alot. i9 look forward to 2008 in blogland.


Mim said...

I've always wanted Red Cowboy boots, I had a pair of green and purple suede ones that I have outgrown (they were Italian made, perhaps not so authentic, but wonderful). I have trouble wearing the real authentic ones with all the pins in my ankle, but oh boy - red has always been my color of choice.
Happy New Year Friend,

Michele said...

You are making me miss shopping at thrift stores and canton and flea markets so much. Oh what fun things one can find among the thrown out treasures. Have a wonderful New Year and whatever you decide to do with the boots, we definitely need to see a picture.

Debra Kay said...

KJ, JB would have to have awfully small feet for them to work-I think they are kiddie boots.

Mim, my favorite boots right now are a pair of paddock boots-they lace up which makes it easier for gimpy ankles to fit into. I once had a pair of red and black python cowboy boots (shocking, I know) but they were just for dancing-which I didn't do well but dang I looked good doing it.

Michele I will post a picture. If the Sisters do another Canton trip (I think they do them all the time) I'll invite you along. It's just a bunch of women out playing-kind of like the back porch of the antique mall only in trailers.

Best Wishes to you ALL and to YOURS for 2008

Mim said...

Claudine posted a paper doll thingy and there are red cowboy boots to play with !

Debra Kay said...

Oh that is too cool!