Friday, December 21, 2007

Illustration Friday Horizon

Somewhere worlds collide
Horizon's subtle layers
Gateway's open stream


Teri C said...

Wow, this is so beautiful!!

Forever Young said...

i agree teri, it looks like either a view from a spaceship or a really wild hallucination on your favourite drug. personally i could do with the second one right now.

Debra Kay said...

It was a composite of a dessert scene from Tucson, a flower I bought to plant in my backyard, and my Mom's dog who passed away this year. I was thinking the afterlife would be more kindly represented to the masses by an angelic chihuahua than some of my scaley friends who have passed.

Art is weird-it's partly what you want to say-but knowing how it will be interpreted counts too.

Perriette said...

I LOVE Chihauhaus...seriously. A neighbor just got a puppy version and I'm dying from the cuteness. There are now THREE puppies around here and I want to steal them all.

I'm glad you described you art because I thought is was a little dog fighting a nasty current of some sort. I would be happy to be taken to the afterlife by a Chihauhau as long as it is not that Taco Bell one.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Looks like a dreamy, surreal afterlife to me. I like the way you used the light!