Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Power Outage

1/3 of the state is without power, including me. Luckily, mine is an isolated wire snap so the little dogs and I are bunking at Mom's. There is some house damage from limbs, I will lose all my snakes most likely. Temps are around freezing, but the tropical snakes won't make it and there is no place for them to go.

Uncle John is in transit to the new place (over here)and basically I am dazed and confused but unhurt.

More insights to come, but the most amazing thing to me is how scarey it was to have trees crash down on your house. I couldn't believe I was actually scared, frightened, etc. I haven't even told anyone I was scared because the likely response would be "WHY were you scared, you were inside...."

Mom is really agitated. Every time the lights flicker she starts howling NO NO NO and I have had to distance myself from that. If the power goes off, we'll move into a motel and eat *gasp* store bought food for a few days. It won't kill any of us.


Mim said...

Oh no you poor thing. And the poor snakes! They can't die! (and I am scared of snakes). is there anything that we can do to help?

Anonymous said...

I came here thinking I would leave a comment for you to find whne your power came back on. I did not expect a new post!

Hope all is well and may you find a way to enjoy the silence. We played through a week long power outage a few years ago. Not an awful memory really.

Too bad about your snakes. Is hibernation an option?

kj said...

best wishes, debra kay. i hope the storm and cold pass quickly and you are safely home again.

Michele said...

I didn't know the weather was so bad there. I can't believe you guys are going through all of that. I hope you, dogs, cat and snakes are ok. I'll send a little prayer up for you.

Debra Kay said...

Thanks guys.