Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dang where did all that snow come from?

On Sunday, the yahoo forecast said sunny and glorious the rest of the week. Apparently the weather does not read yahoo. So, I was pretty surprised at the snow.

I toddled down to my folk's house with a protein drink in hand, wearing pink socks and blue sandals. Why let reality change the dress code for the day? We discussed plans for an April trip-I could tell Mom had cabin fever because she told me she did. I offered that I was mid-range depressed, but felt the first thing that one had to do was just put it out there and not ignore it.

My folks were astounded that I was shocked by the snow. "It's been on the local news for days."....but I don't watch the local news. It's just another example of how we live 40 feet apart and completely in different worlds. I'm not saying that as a bad thing, in fact, it's downright interesting.

I know Sol and Sandra's world (they live across the street) has to be different from ours. He's from Guatemala, her parent's are from Mexico, and they have two small children. I enjoy them because they enjoy how different we all are-they have trouble reconciling me as the daughter of Claude and Betty.

6 months into this, I think it would have been easier if I had bought a house even one block over-but this little house presented itself, and I think sometimes easier isn't always the best. Being lazy, it is now easier just to tackle the issues as they present rather than move to avoid them. And dang it, I really like this little house.

When you live this close, worlds don't just overlap, they collide. But I still can shake the belief that this is an unbelievable opportunity that I have here. It's that hope thing again isn't it?

I'd gladly trade off a fraction of hope for a fraction more patience though....

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