Saturday, April 18, 2009


I seem to curl up and go catatonic a lot LESS than I used to.  I suppose that is progress.


soulbrush said...

does the word 'well' mean anything?
just watched 'britain's got talent' and this woman brought her african grey on stage...said he copies every word she she started singing in a cracked voice and he didn't say one word. poor little guy, probably stage fright!

Debra Kay said...

Well is actually just a "filler word" that okies use to start almost every sentence...Well, it's time to go to work....Well, I guess I'll make dinner. In Oklahoma we say's a two syllable word, three if we are thinking too hard about what we want to say next.

Oliver will not make a sound when I'm in the room or if he knows I'm watching him. I am allowed, apparently, to hear him speak, but not to see his beak move.

Being a prey species probably has a lot to do with that. Yet, if he wants to display or do some acrobatics, I am EXPECTED to watch. There are a lot rules involved in living with a parrot, and Oliver the parrot in particular.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Well, I am happy that you joined us today and didn't sit curled up.

kj said...

well, i don't think you were ever really catatonic. you're simply too observant to be catatonic.

well, depressed maybe. sometimes.
but even then, well, always passionate.

ps 'passionate' is one of my current very favorite words, so consider it a compliment that i have attributed it to you.


studio lolo said...

That's funny about "well." I use it too but I also often use "So..." when starting a sentence, mainly a question. And "So" is dragged out a bit.
"Sooooooo, I hear what's her name is leaving what's his name."

I think Spring is good for you!