Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HAW HAW the joke is on YOU (you you)!

I am sure that most of the United States would be better off celebrating Animal Wednesday than the IRS Deadline for filing personal income taxes.  So, let me get this straight-you give money all throughout the year, then once a year you report to see if you gave enough or owe more?  This is just another prime example of  how humans overcomplicate things.

Last week I never could get straight how the Easter Bunny, A Ham and Crucify-ication were related.  And while not everyone celebrates Easter, the Battle Against Chocolate was pretty much Universal.  I do not eat chocolate (or avocados) but everything else is pretty much fair game, and I eat all I want, or rather all the woman will let me eat.  She can be a brute.

None of this has anything to do with the picture of the Molly busy pulling on the woman's boot string.  I just liked the picture, it's Animal Wednesday and I don't feel nearly the need to make sense that you humans do!  Oh yeesssssss, it's GOOD TO BE MR. BIRD, MR. BIRDY BIRD BIRD!


kj said...

oliver, does the woman give you money? i am looking for tips on how to get money from kj, who i think is very cheap.

ps do you like rabbits?

kj said...

oh shoot, that is my comment, not kj's. please make the correction.

emily rabbit

soulbrush said...

i hope you gave the human your rent for this month oliver, remember what i told you over and over again, you gotta 'buy' her affection!!! HAW sweetie and to you too human.

studio lolo said...

Wouldn't it be great if you could teach Molly to TIE the boots? I guess she'd need thumbs for that.
And I like those boots.

I don't get the Easter deal either Oliver.
And today is my husband's birthday but we don't celebrate it on tax day. It's too depressing!
I did buy us each one slice of cake at Whole Foods though.

I would have bought you a whole bunch of craps!!

HAW you smart bird. Thanks for the philosophy again this week!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oliver, we can always count on you to give us an amusing account as to what is going on in your life. I bet that puppy keeps you all hopping.

Debra Kay said...

OOOOOOh Craps craps craps! The woman told me today I had to eat "bird food" more often and less nuts out of the can. HMPH. She did say she'd share her jelly bellies with me though-she isn't all bad.

Money-I've seen it. I'd like to shred it, but she only gives me paper towel rolls and sometimes a coffee filter to shred. Every now and then I get a big piece of newspaper.....OOOOOOOOOOH! Yes, fun fun fun. Today she bought some spoons from the Dollar Store and is going to twist them into a new jangly toy for me so she doesn't have to share her "good spoons". ALL FOR MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! She tries to be tough but she doesn't do a very good job of it.

The Molly did something I would do-she learned to open the gates and let the entire gang out of the backyard....OOOOOOOOOOOH. such a ruckus. Fun fun fun fun fun. The woman had to padlock the gate. Molly may have potential, for a non-bird.

Teri C said...

Oliver, you are a hoot!! And very wise.