Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's Tuesday Kiss My Ass

Yes, it's kiss my ass Tuesday. KMAT. If the word ass bothers you, skip this post. Might want to skip tomorrows too come to think of it, but on Thursday we will most likely be an ass free zone (with the exception of the blogger.....hah).

People/Things who can kiss my ass today include:

People who don't spend any time with their dogs-really, KISS my ass.

(the hysterical thing is when I sit down to write these, I immediately draw a blank on annoyances-might have some therapy value-using writer's block to feel better).

Writer's Block can KMA. Yes-kiss it. Bah, mental constipation. KISS MY ASS

The stupid alarm system that was in my house when I bought it and hasn't been hooked up in years but now wants to beep-KISS MY ASS. (I am considering reinstalling it, so I haven't ripped it out yet, but until I decide your fat quit beeping and oh yes KMA)

WEEDS growing in my rock garden-kiss it, kiss it real good. Soon you will be going the way of the dumbass monkey grass. Prepare to die, but before you do-KISS MY ASS.

A brief word about my ass, or rather the ass in the photo. I ordered it off Ebay to take to my cousin Phil for a joke, but the ass was broken in the move to Oklahoma. I didn't want to give him a broken old ass, but I've not thrown it away either. Little did I know it was waiting around to be the perfect mascot for KMAT. It's an antique, broken, chalkware ass but KMABCA just doesn't sound right-so KISS MY ASS.

Ah, and finally-people who don't reuse and recycle-KISS MY ASS TWICE (hah, that's KMAT Again....)oh, oh, I know...KMATT;, Kiss My Ass Two Times.

Lexicon refresher-KMAT Kiss my Ass Tuesday

KMAA-Kiss my Aching Ass (for those really tiresome annoyances)

KMATT-Kiss my Ass Two Times-for those doubly annoying annoyances.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I like the little ass in the picture. You could plant a burrows tail in it then it would really be assy.

Pea said...

This is very funny:))

soulbrush said...

roflmfao (roll on floor laugh my fat ass off)...i just can't stop lauhghing...here's my list:
people who don't get up and offer their seats to an old person on a train or bus... KMFA
kids in school who whine all day long about silly things...KMFA
neighbour whose dog barks non stop...KMFA
people who come to my door trying to sell me anything...KMFA
people in fancy big cars who drive round with their wondows down and their music on full blast....KMFAT (twice)
can we do this again tomorrow?

Michele said...

First of all, I love that donkey. you know how fond I am of chalkware. I still have a chalkware sailor that is wearing a white suit trimmed in pink. Now that's a sailor that is comfortable with himself ... or he's gay. And I also have a chalkware lady head. All other chalkware from antique booth days is gone. Makes me kind of sad. Second, I love the KMA stuff. I've been feeling that way for week about so many things and just couldn't express myself as well as you've put it here. My new favorite term KMA.

studio lolo said...

Oh I wish I had time to stop by yesterday when I felt like everything and everyone should KMA bigtime!!! This is great. A perfect stress reliever! I'll try to let all of my frustrations wait until next Tuesday so I can come here for some release!!
So far this morning no one should KMA but wait until I step out the door and get going with my day. Everybody, watch out!

Debra Kay said...

KMAT was something I started a few weeks ago and then forgot about, but then I remembered, and I liked the idea and if skipping a week or two bothers you-Kiss My Ass!

Even if you can't say it out loud, thinking it appears to help as well.