Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Horrors!

The Opera Channel has been dropped from our Cable line up. I don't know how to tell Oliver-in fact, I'm not going to-just going to get him a CD. He never watches the video part and it's just pictures and factoids anyway.

We had a good day at the Greyhound Rescue event-one adoption application, several donations. I love going and sitting with the dogs and visiting. The people who run this rescue are very laid back and low pressure, and always appreciative of everyone's efforts.

Last week I forgot why I banned squeaky toys from the house and gave the kiddos a squeaky skunk. It really hasn't been so bad, so today I bought some squeaky Kong tennis balls-Molly is mesmerized. I bring it in when I go inside, making it a high value toy. Not that Molly needs one-she'd sell her soul for a ginger bear.

Mom and Dad both have the flu, so I am watching them closely. It's a toss up who is crankier. Heaven help me.


soulbrush said...

this is a 'laugh first' post, then a 'heart touching' next part, then a 'oh no, hope they will be okay' third part. life is never dull i see...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

A lot going on in your world. It is good that you are well. Take care. You have lots to care for.

kj said...

oh jeez--both parents sick? maybe you'd better keep that squeaky toy for yourself, dk.

don't forget the "family" hasn't gotten under your skin in a while now. hang in!


Mim said...

This is an unusual time for the flu. Watch out for that swine flu, it's got me nervous.

Debra Kay said...

Daddy just told me they are calling the doctor first thing in the morning.

Swine flu has crossed my mind too, but my parents are both old enough that a good solid common flu can be tough on them.

I'm sucking down echinaccia, occilium, manuka honey and probiotics, and rinsing nose and throat with netti pot and saltwater. My body is a germ fighting miracle!

Snowbrush said...

You're 48; I'm 60. Every time I survive another decade, I think of all the people who didn't, and I say, "WHEW!"

"I suffer from extremely low self esteem. I always have something to say on just about every subject."

Good one! You illustrate irony beautifully by thinking little of your opinions yet being eager to offer them.

Julie said...

Hope your parents feel better very soon!!!!

Mim said...

Don't underestimate this flu. Glad your folks are going to the Dr. I work in the diagnostics business and we very rarely sell flu tests this late in the year. I hear that it's fairly mild in the US tho -

Hope all are better tomorrow, be well Deb.

studio lolo said...

Oh craps if Mim is concerned about this flu...yikes.
I think the world is a little out of control right now. I think this is a very bad time for me to be giving up my wine!

Be well, Deb's parents. Eat your soup and do what she says although I'd get my own netty pot if I were you :P