Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday 13

1. I thought this strange accident looked a little like a Monet. (Photo not edited).

2,Attention is so easy to grab when cheese doodles are involved.

3. My new pergola. With this, plus last year's carport, I have succeeded in covering most of the front yard. I like being outside, but I like being in the shade and out of the wind. My nosey neighbor is stalking my pergola-already hinting she'd like to have her daughter's graduation and her niece's wedding on it. I finally just said "look, I can't even get my shit together to have my own family over-so I won't be taking reservations for anyone else for awhile."

4.Pasht claims the rock garden, between the pergola and the house, as her own. I wish she'd assist in the grass and weed removal, an ongoing project.

5. Miscellaneous doo dads in the rock garden.

6.The dead grass of die die dumbass monkey grass fame.

7. Molly's rather bulbous nose.

8. Moon's fierce slashing teeth. (Have to use your imagination a bit on this one).

9. Grandma rock looks happy to be in the garden. She and Granpa Rock wintered on the carport roof holding down a loose tin.

10. Grandpa and Grandma went from the roof to the garden-they haven't made it back to the rock garden yet. My nosey neighbor asked me "what those masks meant", and I said "they are rocks, not masks, and they mean I like them." I'm usually not that abrupt, but I was planting in the sun, had already answered 8 questions about what I was planting, said no to using my pergola for a public venue and said if I had any veggies left over, I'd give her some, after an in depth report on what I did with each veggie and herb. She doesn't clue into the Okie shorthand-if the person doesn't stop working, that means they don't want to visit right now.

11. The garden looks bare, but this year I'm trying something new-allowing spaces for the plants to grow. Maybe it will improve my yield. The side garden is almost planted as well, and I planted mint in pots, three kinds-Lime, Peppermint and Chocolate Mint. Mint tends to run amuck if you don't contain it in something. I also planted two patio tomatoes-I just couldn't NOT plant a tomato.

12. Moon tries the fierce teeth thing again, with little more success than last time.

13. One more try, nope, his eyes were shut and he was smiling. No fierceness today.


Mim said...

hey can we have a bloggers party in the pergola??? I'll bring the beer!
Love the nose closeup and the really scary fierce teeth.

I haven't yet mastered the art of planting things so that they have room to grow. someday

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, Moon appears to be wanting a chin rub. No fierceness there. I am with Mim, I think there needs to be a blogger party. Now that would give the neighbors something to talk about. I didn't even know you could plant things with room to grow. Hmmmmmmm

soulbrush said...

love the new pergola and alsothe fact that you said NO...I am still learning to say that word!

studio lolo said...

I'm still laughing hysterically at the DIE DIE MONKEY GRASS picture!!!

And I'm laughing at the neighbors pesky questioning. This was least for me! Maybe not for you at that moment.

I can see some sort of creeping flower like Alysum growing over the stone faces.

Love the dog shots, all of them!

When you stopped by and talked about the seal pups I knew exactly where you meant! This year there are so many of them that they've come up on all the little pocket beahces along the trail. It makes the news ever day!

Teri C said...

Hmmm, I am going to stop by your pergola on the way home next week! Would you reserve it for us please? lol All the rest of you bloggers can join in too.

Love all those close-ups.

Debra Kay said...

I actually got conscious while the neighbor was driving me nuts and thought to myself "what do I need to learn from this?" and what I decided was that I needed to learn to push through it and finish my task. (I really do belong in the country but that is another story.)

Today I spent a couple of hours building elaborate canals around all the plants because there is still too much dirt in the big cinder block garden. It was awesome, there is no way I could have worked that long on a traditional lowered bed. So, let the nay sayers say nay nay all they want, I'm tickled with my project. I may put in another big raised bed next year in the front yard (OMIGOD in the middle) but I want to see how the maintenance and care of the two new ones goes. I suspect it will involve more than running a lawn mower over it once a week.

The lesson of the cinderblock garden is not to let anyone dim your enthusiasm for something that you really want to do.

kj said...

how did you make the raised beds? i need step-by-step to understand.

hey! love this thursday 13. i hope you might do it again, or maybe even every week with me!

love and tsup