Monday, April 13, 2009

A Rare Political Commentary (complete with cussing)

Here in the good old US of A, we have this thing called freedom of choice. B. Obama, last I checked, was a citizen.  Where he gets his dog has nothing to do with his job, his duty to the country or anything that is anybody else's business but his immediate family's.

I feel bad that he feels the need to cite allergies, etc.  I, for one, wish he'd just say "I picked that dog  because that's the dog I wanted-kiss my ass if you don't like it."

I support animal rescue and I support ethical breeders.  They are not mutually exclusive.  The dog overpopulation problem has very little to do with ethical breeders and everything to do with people who are ignorant about what true dog ownership involves.  Shutting down all the breeders and dictating that we all rescue shelter dogs is not going to change the problem-the problem people will STILL get their dogs wherever, and then allow them to breed.

I'd like to make up T-shirts that say "CAUSE I WANTED TO-KISS MY ASS IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT"  but only rednecks would wear them and they'd wait till they ended up at the thrift store for 99 cents.

Other T-shirts I'd like to make:
I LIKE my chihuahua-KISS my ass if you don't.
I LIKE my snakes-KISS my ass if you don't.
I LIKE......ok, you get the idea I'm sure.

Maybe I should just make one that says 


soulbrush said...

yup, now his whole life is up for scrutiny, even when he goes to the toilet! now everyone will buy pwd...sigh....this world is so fucked up...that's my rant!!! (ha ha, i typed, that's my rat!)

Mim said...

I'm with ya. KMA - we should have KMA Tuesday!

Debra Kay said...

I love that idea MIM-KMA Tuesday it is!
I'm up early today-so KISS MY ASS!