Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you ever wonder about people (Animal Wednesday)

The woman has been working with the Molly a lot lately-she uses that clicker thing and treats. The thing is, she's teaching her the exact same things she taught the Moon-Sit, Down, blah blah blah. Click click click...GOOD Dog. Yay! I find myself repeating those words a lot lately...SIT SIT, CLICK CLICK, Good Dog, Down......Yaaaaaaay. Humans get such enjoyment out of the silliest things. Imagine THAT, a dog, SAT DOWN. Wow.

Now, frankly, I think the dogs are fine, but the woman seems a bit, well, limited if you know what I mean. Still, she brings me craps and nuts and thinks I'm very clever.

Sitting is such a strange concept. Birds don't do it. Now, tell the truth-did YOU ever think about that? No, not likely, because you are all human centric (and perhaps limited). But birds, fish and snakes NEVER sit. We higher order animals just aren't built for it. Bugs may or may not sit, but who cares? Not MR. BIRD MR. BIRD, Mr. Birdy Birdy BIIIIIIRRRRRRRD!

Actually, we don't lie down either. Is that why humans are so fascinated by animals who DO sit and lie down-because we can't?

Happy Animal Wednesday and enjoy your special talent-the ability to SIT.........HAW!


Teri C said...

ROFLOL!!! What a hoot! still ROFLOL.

studio lolo said...

I guess we do get caught up in the littlest things sometimes Oliver!
But isn't it the little things that really give us reason to celebrate more often?
Think about that one Mr. Biiiiiirdy Bird!

soulbrush said...

you're just a 'sitting duck' i mean biiirrrrd, in fact all you do is sit...ha ha caught you big boy and it isn't even april fools day anymore. my son and dil tried the clicker with their dog winnie ( yet another pooch) and guess what. it didn't work! i think you should start clcking for her to 'sit' and 'stay'...he hee better not give you any new ideas. big smoochies from me!!

marianne said...

Maybe you can learn to click whenever the lady sits next to you, that would be fun....
You are clever indeed!

kj said...

very interesting observation, mr. oliver. myself, i had a parakeet--crystal starlight, and for years i had this fear i would remove his cover in the morning and find him dead at the bottom of his cage.

guess what, he died sitting up, still holding on to his perch. i was flabbergasted (and sad).

Debra Kay said...

Humans need reasons to celebrate-not birdy birdy birds......Just waking up to discover that, yes, I'm still ME keeps me stoked for most of the day. I take a nap mid morning, then mid afternoon/early evening I wake up, confirm that yes, I'm still MR. BIRD and start in again.

There ARE things that make me especially happy though, peanuts, craps, shiny things.

Debra Kay said...

KJ-the woman has told me of a couple of keets that just tweeted and fell off their perch-gone. I imagine when I go the heavens will open up to receive me and you guys will all wonder what is going dramatic exit fantasy!

Debra Kay said...

The woman is reading "The Parrot who Thought he was a dog" sent to her by one of MY fans.

I can make sounds of many animals, but I would not want to be anything but myself-MR BIRD!!!!!!