Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pergola's Progress

My reluctance to put anything ON my pergola has been a topic of discussion and some derision (just another thing you won't use). But I've been letting the pergola sit there while I think about what I want to use it for (at least for now). I really didn't put it up to have weddings on, despite opinions to the contrary.

Today I put my favorite patio table (small) with matching metal chairs on it. They've faded a bit and match the deck quite well. I can sit and visit, or sit and eat breakfast. Then I brought my plastic resort style chaise out of the backyard and washed it off and put it on as well. THEN I laid down on the chaise and looked up.

The lattice on roof and sides made shadows all over the place, including me. The lines of the decking where mesmerizing. Best of all was watching the clouds march across the lattice roof grid.

There will be times when I may toss on an extra table and chair set for a party. They are always as close as the dog room. But for me, and for what I need, and what I want to do, I like my little zen den. It's right next to my rock garden, and I can see my cinder block garden from it as well. I LIKE it that it's not connected to the house-it's separate, but not far. It's open, but not exposed.

I contemplated what it was I needed to get away from. I live alone. But this seems like a good place to go to get away from the noise in my head-a treehouse for someone who doesn't climb trees.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Aaaahhhhh, we all need a place like that. Much better than going down to the local bar. Ha... I have a screen house in my back garden where I go to sit and get away from ??. I just love going there and watching the world go by. I bet if you planted some Lonicera (honeysuckle),get a native or a version there of NOT the Japanese that is so invasive, Clematis, for blooms at different times. They would add to your enjoyement of your new space.

soulbrush said...

perfect, it's not for them, it's yours! yours i say! to do with it what you want soon as others come and have parties etc, it will no longer be yours. save it for yourself, is what i say!
love the thought of a treehouse without the tree or the climb.

Debra Kay said...

I'd planned on planting grape vines, but then considered the berries/fruit equals bird poop equation and decided it might not be the exact best thing to put over my head. For some reason, birds love to poop on my head.

I'm just lucky that way.

studio lolo said...

I love the idea of climbing flower vines to attract hummers and add to your privacy as well as bringing more of nature to you.

I have an award for you at my place. I know you don't like to do anything with them but my award has no rules unless you want it to!

Mim said...

lovely deb - I can feel the peace.