Sunday, April 12, 2009

Casper says Happy Easter!


kj said...

fantastic shot, dk!!!

happy easter to you. i hope you manage to squeeze in some jellies and chocolate. i plan to

love you,

Debra Kay said...

I've got a spiral ham heating in a bath of garlic infused water (just in the bottom of the roasting pan). The smell is orgasmic.

In a little while, I'm going to do a glaze with honey, orange juice, brown sugar, cloves, ginger and cardaomon, maybe a little vinegar and mustard, don't know about that part yet.

My vision is the salty ham, layered with the garlic, layered with the sweet, with a side of seared pineapple.

Mom is making a pineapple pie and some deviled eggs (and some other stuff, but I have my priorities).

To get it all in I will have to stretch it through two meals, but I'm willing to sacrifice.

studio lolo said...

Great shot of Casper's lips! Mr. Ed's got nothin' on him :)

Enjoy your ham. Any green eggs to go with it?

soulbrush said...

what a marvellous shot and a marvellous you do certainly cook up a storm for easter, enjoy.

Debra Kay said...

The Ham turned out well, but pre-meal samples weren't chewed very well, so I ended up getting stuck and puking. I don't cook very often, but I need to apply the "do nothing else when eating" rule to cooking as well. If I need to sample anything solid, I need to take the time to stand back, chew, or at least spit it out. Lesson learned.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Great shot Deb. Happy Easter to you and yours.