Thursday, April 16, 2009

No matter how bad I feel....

Oliver can crack me up.  It is futile to try to feel stressed or depressed around that bird.

He puts different things together to make up "stories" that never really happened and it gets me giggling every time.  Today's giggle was "Well, well WELL.....PRISSY....sit (clicker sound)  Good!  Good Prissy. Well Well Well, PRISSY, NO, NO BITING. GO LAY DOWN!!!!  Ha ha ha"

Now, I don't give negative commands except to Oliver the bird-dogs can't understand them.  And I don't give compound commands-Go means one thing, Down another, and I don't use the term "lay" with the dogs.  And the laughter at the end makes me believe he (Oliver) is aware of what he's doing-he understands the humor in a dog that doesn't bite.

He really seems to get a kick out of telling stories where other animals are being naughty (and not good, good Mr. Bird).


Mim said...

he knows you need a giggle! Birds are way smarter than we believe - remember - they are really dinosaurs and they did manage to escape the comet

soulbrush said...

what a great companion he is,who needs a man...hubby never talks to me..even to say 'prissy no biting!'.

Debra Kay said...

He's a bit man like in his reaction to crying-he mocks it....he'll make a crying noise and then go HA HA HA!!!!! but then it makes me laugh and stop crying. (A man wouldn't fare so well I'm afraid).

At least he doesn't say "Oh, don't cry...." I'm going through some more of John's things today, and I cry as needed-that's why I have to do it alone.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That Oliver is a sweetie. I am glad you have him around to cheer you.

kj said...

this is a riot!

follow the leader, debra kay.


studio lolo said...

Any time I feel like I'm going to fall apart (and there are many), one of my animals does something to distract me into a smile and a better place.
Gotta love 'em!

I hope you have more smiles than tears when going through Uncle John's things.