Thursday, April 2, 2009

BC's ARE different

I love to observe my dogs from the house-watching them interact without any interference from me. It's very clear from the elaborate games they concoct that the BC's take play to a whole new level. When Molly and Moon are creating a game, the other dogs can't follow and quit.

Today's game was Who Gets the rope/ball toy. Moon had IT (the toy), and Molly would circle and circle, then stalk, until she could lure Moon into chasing her. Then she'd run ever more elaborate patterns until he was focused on chasing her and not guarding the toy, because the only way she could get it was if she just casually ran a pattern by the toy and snatched it. If she got it, Moon would let her play with it a bit, then take it and place it back in "the spot" for the game to start again.

It seemed to me that there was cooperative behavior, training behavior and learning behavior going on in this simple game.

Molly was testing boundaries-figuring out where to circle, and how to lure Moon (she had to crouch and stalk him before he'd run) and sometimes Moon would run with the toy and sometimes not. He would pummel Molly if she was obvious in trying to trick him, but when she succeeded, he'd enjoy her success. Very entertaining and fascinating to watch.

These dogs are scarey smart.

Molly starts Puppy class on Saturday-and tomorrow Moon goes to the vet intact, and comes back two balls short of a load.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I agree that dogs are very smart. It is fun to watch them interact.

Luna looked right at me while I was digging out some weeds. Then she started digging her own hole. UGH.. I didn't mean to teach her to dig holes but I think I did.

Debra Kay said...

With Oliver/ now Slim being part terrier, holes are a given at my house. I gave up on landscaping the back yard and I piddle in the front yard and let the dogs have their way with the dirt. I mean, after all, it's THEIR yard too.

Teri C said...

Great animal shots and I agree, dogs are way too smart sometimes!

studio lolo said...

Did you see the issue of nat'l Geographic last year where they listed the smartest dogs? Border Collies were number one!!

Mim said...

how interesting. Imagine if they had opposable thumbs

soulbrush said...

i would give anything to be in snuffles' head sometimes to know what she is thinking! anything!