Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday 13

1. This is Oliver, sorry, Mister Bird and Fugly-a traveling chicken. Oliver wasn't amused with Fugly and Fugly is no more-at least the traveling Fugly because people on the list kept not sending him on. Several other Fugly's live in my garage, awaiting their fate at the jaws of the dogs and other creatures.

2. This is Sonny's "birth picture" when he was emerging from his shipping bag, last fall. Sonny is a strange creature, even for a snake.

3. This is a local church, once described to me as "the Darth Vader church-the one that looks like Madonna's bra...."

4. This is another shot of Fugly-in the grass, before he left for Kentucky, Disney World and other great adventures before disappearing, more or less forever.

5. I actually enjoy anchovies-on pizza, on crackers-yes, I do.

6. My pizza now has to be gluten free-after trial and error and some unexplained puking and fever and yes, a rash, I realize I have a gluten intolerance (and I always thought I was such a tolerant person).

7. It's not, at this time Thursday, but Monday night. I'm watching Prissy tear up the living room, Oliver, who has decided, inexplicably, to perch on his food canister which was sitting on Prissy's crate (and only about 3 foot off the ground low for him), this screen and an FX version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. By the time you read this, it will BE Thursday and many things will have happened between now and then but I will still be marveling at the strangeness of time and sharing thoughts across it. While the internet may have killed distance, time died eons ago.

8. Prissy is no longer allowed out in the backyard with the other dogs. In addition to her recent skirmish, she's learned to tunnel under the fence. Much like a rat, if she can get her nose through, she can follow. Her last escape led her into a neighbor's yard where she was chased a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. This is not a healthy pass time for a 3 pound dogs. Nor would it be a good thing for the other kids to learn.

9. I got a bareback pad (basically a leather pad with a cinch, no stirrups) and am going to attempt Natural Horsemanship-at least in the arena. Casper is 15.2 hands or 62 inches tall at the withers, which means his back is even with my forehead. With my current upper body strength, stirrup free mounting without a mounting block isn't a possibility. This is not particularly tall for a horse-but tall for a cowpony which is what I'm used to riding.

10. If I could time travel, I'd like to go visit the dinosaurs, see a living Tasmanian Tiger, a dodo, a megaladon, a mammoth, visit with Kahlil Gibran. (This assumes, ala Star Trek, that interference is not allowed.)

11. My musical influences include Alice Cooper, Johnny Cash and the Moody Blues.

12. I recently tossed out both recliners, but stacked two love seats one in front of the other-stadium seating and prop my feet up on the back of the front one. What can I say, I like it with my feet in the air! (Currently I'm slouched in the loveseat with my feet over the other, and my laptop piled in the middle of my lap. Prissy, finding nothing exciting, is now asleep next to me on a pile of important papers. Oliver is still chuckling on his food container.

13. I am thinking of getting another tattoo.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

You were full of thoughts last night Deb. I hope you are happy.

Teri C said...

These are such interesting tidbits of info and helps to know you better. I love the name of Casper for the horse. teehee

Debra Kay said...

Lisa-I don't blog real time any more-I'm trying to post every day, and it helps to be a little ahead. What I lose in spontaneity I make up in gaining discipline (or that's the theory of the day).

Teri-next week I'm going to attempt to do a total Deb entry without any animals. It kind of makes me want to puke just thinking about it.

Mim said...

Did I ever tell you about "how I learned to ride a horse"? I'm sure I posted about it somewhere - if not - I'll do it again cause it's hysterical. you reminded me of it with your bareback thingy.

where's the tatoo going to be and is it going to be of Oliver???

soulbrush said...

new things to learn about you debs. me too me too, another tattoo this summer, specially as my son (maggie's dad) said I am going to be a bad influence on her with my am the 'wild and wonderful' grandie!!!

kj said...

debra kay, i must have sex on my mind, because i'm laughing my head off about your # 9. i figure that's going to strengthen your thighs etc and it will be a transferable skill! hahahahahaha
(still laughing)

i adore that you are doing thursday 13's. i'm planning my first tattoo--a feather. it took me two years to decide it will be a feather. and i don't know still where that feather will go.

love to you, friend.


studio lolo said...

I hope when I move and I'm stuck in the house, snowbound, I'll start doing Thursday Thirteens. I enjoy reading them.

You posting without mentioning the animals? I don't think so. You're all the same entity ;)

studio lolo said...

Oh, click on my Skywatch comments to find the link to Bookbabie. She has tons of gluten free links on her side bar :)

Debra Kay said...

You got that right about being the same. I really feel about Oliver and co. the same way I feel about my arm-we are that connected.