Wednesday, April 22, 2009

HAW-and Happy Earth Day

Well well well well-Happy Earth Day and Happy Animal Wednesday! Lordy Lordy-I KNOW I'm not that round. What was the woman thinking?

She planted her garden yesterday and discovered "all that land" wasn't enough for everything she had planned to plant. I advised her to focus on those items that we could ALL eat, particularly me. But, she did pop in a six pack of Serrano Peppers, and Me ME ME, MR. BIRD, is the only one who eats those. Yes Yes Yes!!!

Since she's cut back on my peanuts I've decided it's ok to eat beans and organic rice, and I just downright LIKE sweet potatoes. But seeds seeds, bah. I'll eat sunflower seeds, but MILLET offends me. That's for the budgies, not Mr. Mr. Bird! Pretty soon the clover will bloom and I'll send her outside to pick some clover flowers for me-those are tasty tasty tasty.

The old woman down the street has been keeping me supplied with plenty of egg yolks. She was throwing them out, but now she saves them and my woman goes down and gets them and cooks them for all of us. She mumbles something about cannibalism, but it SAYS in the book egg yolks are good for birds, so we all get our fair share, even the furry ones. I am oh so helpful, when I see the yellow yolks I start chanting EGG EGG EGG so that she doesn't get sidetracked and forget what she should be doing.

The budgies will eat egg biscuits from the store-I throw them OUT of my cage. No, only freshly cooked eggs will pass THIS beak. Only the best for me me me, mr. mr. BIIIIIIIIIRD!!!!!!!!

(PS-don't I look SILLY without nostrils?)

And here is an EarthDay cactus from Jim Wakeland Here's looking at YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

HAW Oliver, your woman did a marvelous job drawing you. You look so alive in that picture. You are lucky the Woman gives you the yolks she gets. I like the yolk of the egg best myself. I would share with you though. Happy Earth Day.

soulbrush said...

hey BIG BIRD, you have such a quizzical look on your face...'where's da yokes?' tee hee. love ya BIG BIRD and happy earth day BIG BIRD....

studio lolo said...

You look mesmerized by that branch Oliver. Is it a snack?
I think you're round from all the yolks. Don't blame it on the woman :)

I used to chew on clover as a kid. I hated it when I got one that the dogs peed on!!
Lucky you...seranno peppers. Hot cha cha cha cha!!!
We'll get to call you dragon breath!

HAW Ollie Ollie Bird!

Teri C said...

Wow Oliver, you are one lucky guy. If I lived closer I would give you the yolks also.

Hmmm, love that cactus flower.


Debra Kay said...

OOOOH Teri C-yolks yolks yolks! My favorite. Lolo, you should have your woman wash your clover before you eat it-that's what I do. Lisa, I would give you the parakeets yolks if you were here-they wouldn't care. BIG BIRD? I like that-did you make that up?

(Debra here-there is a moth that is divebombing our friend-when the moth gets too close he (Oliver) flaps his wings and blows it back-then laughs.......)