Wednesday, April 29, 2009


The woman's friend Jim Wakeland sent her this, and I've allowed it on MY day, because it is kind of gray, but with a shot of color, just like ME ME ME ME. Ok, the truth of the matter is, she wanted to put it on the blog, and I can't type. But STILL.

Can you believe Comcast nixed the Opera Channel? Jackasses! Yes, there I said it-big braying donkey jackasses. EEEE AWWWW EEEE AWWWWW EEEE AWWWWWW!.....Oh, that's fun. EEEEE AAWWWWW EEEE AWWWWWW EEEEE AWWWWWW. yes yes yes! Mr. Bird does a great jackass imitation.....eeeeee awwwwww EEEEEEEEEE AWWWWWWWWWWW Hah hah hah ha haaaaaaaaa! Hah! Well well well, Lordy, you can't be mad when you are braying like a donkey.


Mim said...

Boy Oliver you sound a bit annoyed about losing the opera channel! Braying like a donkey? wow! I think you should sing like Pavorotti - I'm sure you've learned to by now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sad for you Oliver. I know just how you feel because the cable station took off my favorite garden shows too. I would bray like a jackass if it would make them put it back on. HAW.

soulbrush said...

comcast can just kmfa (kick my fat ass)...ha ha got ya Ollie!

you are the man, and you can kmfa...kiss me fast also (ha ha got ya Ollie)...


Debra Kay said...

The woman donned her wellies and rainsuit and went out first thing this morning in the "downpour of biblical proportions" to work the energy out of the border collies. So WHAT? But then we all got omlettes and now I'm howling like a wolf. She seems to like that, and I want to keep her happy in case there are more eggs in the white box.

"Rain" means it's dark when it should be light, but playing in the water looks like fun. Maybe the old girl will catch a clue and prepare a lovely warm bath for me.

She brought another counterfit hello yellow telephone yesterday. It's not the same. NOT THE SAME. That made me angry. But it has a piggy noise and a kitty noise. We'll see.

studio lolo said...

Is this Weed Wednesday now? :D

Oliver, I hate it when things I love are taken away. That's just BS in my opinion!! If this economy is getting bad enough that we have to start taking away music for criminy sakes, wtf is next?? Craps?
Perish the thought!!! No one will take your craps away Oliver. Or your omelettes!
HAW HEE HAww Mr. Biiiiiiiiiird!!

Debra Kay said...

OK, the woman came clean. Hello yellow=phone is gone. BROKEN. It was FINE when she took it out to wash it-but you can't hose down things like that.AAAAAAAAAAAGH, That's why she's been bringing me these imposters.

No opera. No hello yellow. THAT's why I've been getting lots of shiny toys too. Oh well, I'm not going to complain about that-I like like like shiny things! Mr. BIRD Mr. BIRD-who needs hello yellow when I have MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Teri C said...

What a pretty little bnch of flowers. I would be angry about losing the opera channel also.