Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Animal Wednesday-Oliver doesn't live here any more

APRIL FOOLS! HAW-did I get you? Come on, you KNOW I did, admit it, your heart stopped and you feared you might never hear from Mr. Bird again. Oh, that was funny funny funny.

I've trained the human they call Sol to whistle back at me-he's a smart human. He's always working on things-he and his wife Sandra. Very busy human beings. They keep me entertained, so I like them. All that pounding and clanking and that wonderful saw-oh, I love it when the saw starts whining. Noise is just the best thing, almost as good as peanuts. How can anybody NOT love sounds?

I can make sounds too-not just with my beak. I can ring bells and knock on wood=oh yes yes yes-I am multi talented.

The Moon is going to have his "surgery" on Friday. Glad I keep my things tucked inside, no one is going to chop THEM off. That's what you get for leaving them out for the world to see. Modesty is a dying virtue.

The woman and I have been sharing something called "almonds" which seem to me to be just nuts without their shells. They come in a in canister, and lately she's been saying "would you like a nut dear?" and letting me pick my own out of the can. Oh, I love that. I can pick my OWN nuts out! wwwwwwweeeeeeee. I'm a big, big bird now. I look around and try to pick out the very best one, then we both stand there and eat together-but I can hold my nut with my foot! (I use my beak to pick the nut out of the can-no feets in the can!)

HAW!!!!! I hope you all have a great day-and be sure and make lots of good noises!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yep, you got me Oliver. I thought 'Oh no Oliver squacked too loud one last time'. I am glad you are happily home picking and choosing your own nuts to eat. Yes, keep your feets out of the can.

Mim said...

You're a big, lovely boy Oli - Happy April Fools Wednesday.

soulbrush said...

omg oliver, my heart is still racing, you shouldn't do this to an old lady like me! now you go and wash out your mouth with almonds!

Debra Kay said...

You all are sooooo funny funny funny! I had a big almond breakfast with the woman today and we practiced naming the animals as they walked by. We saw the kittty kitty kitty, the Prissy, the Molly and the Slim. Oh, that was fun fun fun.

The Moon has been barking all morning and I have to shout "QUIET MOON, GOOD LORD!!!!! He never listens to me though. BADBAD MOON!

I let the woman rub my shoulders a long time today. She called it a massage. Next she said she's going to show me a harness. I wonder what that's about?

kj said...

oliver, keep an eye on that woman. i think she's starting to believe she can fly.

Debra Kay said...

HAW HAW HAW KJ-she can barely walk, let alone fly!

Teri C said...

My first reaction....WHAT?

My next I know how people felt when they visited me today!

I love it when Oliver talks!! He is so full of wisdom.


studio lolo said...

That was a heart sinker you stinker!!

Stick around pal, we love you!

I think you should come to my house. One of my clients gets fresh almonds by the box right from the grower and he shares them with me :)
C'mon over Mr. Bird!!