Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Updates on Three Amigos

This guy's fate is still up in the air-it's been a roller coaster ride for all concerned. My faith is unshakeable that he'll end up where he's safe, we just aren't sure where/how it's all going to come about.

This handsome young man is moving to his new stable to be closer to me. I can't wait!

This handsome young fellow is recovering nicely from his surgery.


Teri C said...

The dog is adorable and looks full of life. Good news about the other two. Gosh, the horse is so beatuiful!

soulbrush said...

good news, and i feel he will get to you too.

studio lolo said...

awww, group hug!!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Very good report.

kj said...

okay, debra kay, i should know this but i need a rundown: how many animals do you live with, and who are each of them?

i have to know!!