Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Greyhounds and Others

I love brindle! This is Tip and TO (short for Time Out, not Terryl Owens). TO ran quite a few races before retiring, well over a hundred. Tip, well, Tip is more of a lover I think. They are wearing their donation dog coats (with pockets for donations) and they made a nice chunk of change (over 40 bucks) when we usually get 0.

That's me in the corner with TO-the shot was really of Blade the doberman puppy.  Last month Blade was about knee high, this month he's almost as tall as the greyhounds.  I haven't seen myself in months-at least in a photo.  It's always interesting (to me) to see photos, even though they sometimes horrify me.  I've been sitting with the hounds for a couple of hours at this point, so I look pretty laid back.  I'm wearing grey cargo pants, clearly a fashion no no-but great for hanging out at a Petco with dogs-lots of room for treats, clicker and a safe pocket for keys.

My first thought upon seeing this photo when I downloaded it from the camera was "I really DO look like a normal person".  Upon further reflection, due to the print of my shirt, I look like a person with no visible arms, but my head looks normal, don't you think?


Mim said...

You are so funny. Yes, you look like a normal person. Your hair is longer than I remember, but looks good. I do see some arms, altho no hands but clearly they are hidden.

you look cute and content

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Of course you look like a person. Normal?? well, yes.

kj said...

you are CUTE, debra kay! CUTE!

but normal? come on, now, that's asking for too much...


studio lolo said...

I had to go back and read it again because I thought you were the one holding and smooching Blade!
I think you look great! Why didn't you look normal before, because you were heavier? Poppycock!
I'm liking that shirt too, kind of a butterfly tatoo design thingy. Nice!

Debra Kay said...

I have body dysmorphic disorder so bad sometimes it surprises me to see that I HAVE a body.

When I worked outside the home, I dressed for the office every day , but working at home, I go for days without glancing in a mirror. Now the person I see isn't the person I remember from those work days so it can be a bit of a shock.

Yes yes, when you lose weight you are supposed to take pictures of yourself on the way down, and I wish I had, but I didn't, so now I get to learn myself all over again.

(And truly, although maybe I'm rationalizing a bit, I think we deal with things when we can deal with them. Maybe I wasn't ready to deal with the body issue until now. )

What's funny, (to me) is that I've had lasik-but when I lose weight I always begin to wear glasses again. I do need them to read, but not for distance.