Friday, April 10, 2009


OKC skyline-we have more big trucks than big buildings.

The nicest store in OKC is a sporting goods store.

An oil derek at the stable. I still think they look like mechanical T-rex!

An very ornate bison.


kj said...

oh this was fun for me. you know i lived in norman for a year plus.

are you happy there, dk?

Debra Kay said...

I spend a lot of time in the Norman area.

I am much happier than I thought I'd be. Having lived other places, I've finally figured out there are going to be people everywhere who don't agree with me or think like I do, so it's not just because they are "dumb okies....".

Oklahoma City still has the Northside/Southside/Edmond/Norman mentality, which I find strange and largely ignore. I have friends in all places and live in an area that is considered less than choice, and no one shuns me...Being slightly out of place may just BE my place.

Oklahoma is actively trying to lure back natives who left after becoming educated. I think it's a great idea-hopefully it will allow us to incorporate new ideas while remaining respectful of the old. Those "ignorant Okies" really have a lot of wisdom if you can get past a gruff exterior.

Debra Kay said...

I have to point out that I drive a big truck too, a Ford F150 (which is big for me but small for Oklahoma). I have a horse trailer and a travel trailer and I needed something that would pull both.

Some people maintain an extra car but I found that to be just more expense. If I get a 40 mile commute or something like that, I'll consider a small daily driver.

And yes, I have a Cadillac (chrome diamond plated) of dog boxes in the back of my truck. What's funny is that people assume I run bird dogs and are taken aback when I say "border collies and chihuahuas". The real beauty of the dog box is that it's locked and attached, so I can leave my dogs safely inside and if there isn't a dog with me, I can lock items in it when I'm out shopping.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hi Debra, I too drive a F150. It has a towing package but I have never towed anything. I have hauled lots of "stuff".

Marie Reed said...

I over from Auntie Mim's! This is neat:) It reminds me of the famous cow parade statues!

studio lolo said...

I love those bison! When brian and I drove out to CA from RI we saw some bisin grazing in Wyoming. Now whenever he sees cows on any hill, it's "Look, Bison!"

He's still like a big ol' kid.
My dogs favorite treats are bison by "Stella and Chewy." Tell the slims!