Friday, May 1, 2009

Uno De Mayo

I wonder if it's a good reason to drink wine? Beer is the traditional Cinco De Mayo drink-of course, beer is pretty traditional here in Oklahoma.

Does anyone know what this flower is? It's growing out on Jim Wakeland's ranch-I told him I thought it was some kind of kolanchoe, but what do I know?

Moon had a bath today for his dog class debut. I've never had a dog that would lie down and doze while he has his bath-he does love the water and a good back rub. Of course, he also likes to roll in the mud, so I had to keep him confined after his scrubbing. This meant I locked him on the pergola and since he'd never been on it before, I stretched out for a snooze so he wouldn't feel lonely. I'm such a devoted dog owner.

As I dozed, something went THWACK in my ear-and guess who it was? Momma Spider (or someone who looked just like her). I think I must be the spider whisperer. I tell you, they seek me out.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Beer is good for me. How did he do in his class debut?

Debra Kay said...

He showed his teeth to the instructor, and to Bob Clark, a very well known and respected herpetologist person. That's my boy.

We are working on it-and it doesn't matter if it was an idiot hanging over the fence or whatever that caused him to be this way, he has to stop and he will stop.

We are in the perfect class for us-there are several huge, HUGE bully breeds who are very agressive-which causes Moon to get overprotective, which means I can redirect him. BUT, it is a good thing (really) because I can focus on what I need to do with my own dog without worrying about what he'll do with the others, and I know, without a doubt, they could eat him up, so I MUST control him.

My friend Shelly kept staring at me like I'd lost my mind cause I was working right next to the biggest and most aggressive pair, but Moon had total focus for most of the class.

Of course, I will always body block between my dog and another bigger dog-because it's my choice to be in the danger zone. But the bullies have already taught me a new trick-turning my back on them, getting Moon to focus on me. I am only responsible for my dog, not anyone else's, and believe it or not, turning a back diffuses the aggression on the bullies' part (they are more dog aggressive, not people aggressive-I'm truly not insane).

It's like the old mountainbike thing-if you look at it, you'll hit it. With aggressive dogs-if you look at them, they will bite you or your dog will bite them.....what a hoot! I have more power in my big old butt than anyone would have ever imagined....LOL. Pray for Buns of Steel.