Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Alas, my stomach has been aghast with GAS
Get up get out out out out
Do I need to shout?

Honestly, I feel like I could manage a fart that would ascend me to the clouds. I visualize such a thing, but can only manage a giggle, when I really long for a rocket thrust.

Actually, just kiss my ass ANY bodily function gone amiss. What's that about anyway? Aren't we a team?


Jon said...

haha... your verse reminds me of one of the oldies... you know...

beans beans the musical fruit!!!


studio lolo said...

A rocket thrust!! Nobody can make me laugh out loud like you can.
Well, maybe Oliver!

Fart already so you can have fun on vacation!

yoon see said...

Fun and hope you have a nice day:)

Debra Kay said...

Ok-I'm popping in for an on the fly KMA.

Sometimes when you are working with dogs, your dog misbehaves. I, being a responsible dog owner, move my dog aside and address my dog's behavior. Yes, I agree, all that ruckus does create an interesting environment for YOUR dog, BUT, just because MY dog is misbehaving does not relieve YOU of YOUR responsibility to control YOUR dog. To put it more clearly-if I MOVE away to get some space, that doesn't mean let your dog haul you both over into my space.

Now really, if I expected you to leave or move, I would be out of line and I'd tell myself to kiss my ass. But, dammit, janet, when I am working a reactive dog, DON'T COME OVER TO SEE WHAT'S GOING ON.

Go Watch the Dog Whisperer. When the giant Mastiff is going bonkers, and Cesar is doing his thing-you don't see the passerby dog rush in for a further sniff, until invited. So, KISS MY ASS IGNORANT DOG OWNERS.

(ironically, I give the other dog and their owner my back while I address my dog, but it feels better to actually SAY it-I should just get a butt patch that says "stay away while I work"

soulbrush said...

i would like a butt patch like that, actually let's go into the manufacture of butt patches...mine would mostly say kmfa! i can picture you floating up skywards....aaaaahhhhhh!

Debra Kay said...

Ha-I'd like another one that says "Do you really think I want your dog's nose here?"

Or "Crotch sniffing by invitation only".....heh heh heh!