Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Stuff

Now-a weird conversation between my trickster brain and me.........

Brain (who wants to find everything funny)Ho Ho Ho , Ha Ha-LOOK at that Hooooo weeeeeee

Me (who hurts when she laughs) Brain, please tone it down a bit, I know you are relieved but laughter hurts right now

Brain, the body needs endorphins, I worried them all away LOOK-isn't THAT absurd?

Me ouch, yes that's funny, but it hurts to laugh

Brain-so learn to laugh without your voicebox dipshit-OH LOOK-Oliver is hanging upside down and farting Oh OH OHHHHHH

So, I've been practicing silent laughter today-and it can be done. Which is a good thing, can we can all use a few more endorphins. At first it just felt sad and weird, but it became empowering. My laughter may be silenced, but it is still alive

Sign language is still limited to a few rude gestures. Hah-did you hear my silent laughter?

1 comment:

soulbrush said...

i hear you loud and clear
from way over here.
i worry for you
from way over here
yet i feel your strength
from way over here.