Sunday, May 17, 2009


I've been kind of down and out this past week and half. First I got a piece of turkey jerky stuck in my lap band. Weekend spend puking and not taking in even water. Got unfilled on Monday-but also picked up a really nasty stomach bug at the doctor's office. MORE puking, but not the obstruction kind, the I REJECT YOU kind from an upset tummy (aka-normal person puking).

Maybe I was disassociating or just having a run of the mill out of the body experience, but it seemed to me that my tummy was pissed off-thoroughly and totally pissed off. And it has taken awhile to get it settled down and sorted out. I'm not even going to weigh until I get back from vacation because my weight is ridiculously low right now and I don't even want to know or register that number as a possibility.

Since I don't want my pants to fall off at a bad time (any public time would be bad) I bought a belt to hold them up-with my tendency to want to go too low, I don't want to buy smaller size clothes that I don't intend to stay in.

I felt so bad for a few days I didn't even want to read or piddle with ATC's.....that's pretty awful feeling. But, I came to really understand the enjoy of a full care stable for Casper-one less animal to worry about. The dogs aren't that much trouble-our feeding/potty routines are pretty well trained and they can self entertain if necessary. The snakes are no trouble at all.

Yesterday I felt a rebound wave of nasty-so I just opened Oliver's cage and told him he could be the boss of the house-which he enjoyed fully. He wore himself out bossing all the denizens. Today he's resting and enjoying the toddler channel.

I'm going to prepare some posts ahead-but I'll be out of town from Wed-Sun. night, so if I won't be able to respond to your comments, but will enjoy them when I get back. I've missed logging in and getting my blogs fix!


Teri C said...

My goodness, that is a whole lot of trouble but with Oliver in charge, things should straigten out soon.

Have a wonderful vacation!!

soulbrush said...

oh no, what a damn nuisance!! hope you now feel well enough to go away this week. i will miss you but so glad you will get away....hey what about ollie? can he come to london while you are gone?

Debra Kay said...

He has to stay home and mind the place. Right now he is dancing to toddler tunes. He's such a dork!

I did put down a whole week's worth of posts on que-so I'll be here, sort of.

Mim said...

I KNEW something was wrong - kept lurking to see what you were up to.

But wow - Deb- I don't think I'll ever see the words "too low" on any scale. Never happen here...:(

Have fun in CA - enjoy the sunshine, mim

Debra Kay said...

LOL-I should have said "too low to maintain with reasonable sanity". Don't worry, I'm not a waif, and hey, I'll look great in my vacation photos!

studio lolo said...

Soft hug...I don't want to cause any more pukin' because of a big old bear hug!

Have fun in my part of the world. Are you coming all this way to help me pack??

kj said...

i pounced at the words 'too low' too, like mim. oh i wish. i just want 'no stomach'. the day when i can tuck my teeshirt in my jeans will be declared a national holiday.

i'm sorry you've been feeling so bad, deb. hope you have fun away, what are you up to?


Debra Kay said...

I'm taking my parents to my aunt's house in Fairfield. It was our annual trek growing up, and we've revived it the past few years, and I'm glad.

It's bittersweet, so many memories, and knowing that we have more behind us than ahead, at least for this time around.

Traveling with seniors involves more patience than traveling with kids, because you can't order the parents around. Still under the weather myself, this will be a great challenge to my patience, but the rewards are worth it.