Friday, May 15, 2009

A Field of F****ing Ladybugs

No, I'm really not being crass, or trying to belittle the noble ladybug. I just walked through a field of several thousand this morning, the majority of which were, well, fucking. Apparently I didn't get the memo that said "Orgy in the north field at 9", but THEY sure did.

I only noticed them because the grass was knee high and I had my eyes on the ground looking for snakes out in the field as I trudged through.

At first I didn't notice anything beyond the red dots of the lady bugs. But a pattern began to emerge-not dot dot dot but dot on dot...and every so often, dot on dot on dot. Wow. Once you begin to notice something, it seems to pop up everywhere. I had just had that same thought about death this morning. Death is all around, but we rarely notice it. I wondered what else was all around that we rarely notice. A billion lady bugs fucking in a green field seemed like a pretty concrete answer.

Life doesn't wait to be noticed-it just gets out there and rolls around.


soulbrush said...

it ain't life rolling around girl, it's dem ladybirds (we call them ladybirds here, dunno why!) what a funny post, why is it funny? it just is.
wordveri:sublet (you have sublet that field to the i am rolling on the floor with laughter)

Mim said...

UNREAL! This must have been something to see - did you take pictures???

studio lolo said...

Okay, I've got Dylan in my head now singing "lay lady lay."


kj said...

are you SURE debra kay?

how do you know they weren't exercising, or meditating?

were they humping? and if they were, exactly how high does a ladybug hump anyway?

(note to debra kay's visitors: forgive me yet again if my question about humping offends. i am for some reason regressing in maturity and instead i'm enjoying all things sensual and sexual for a change. please don't make me apologize....)

xo and :)

Debra Kay said...

Hmmm, KJ, that is a good question really-I just assumed they were humping because they were in the position to hump. And insects usually don't cuddle for any other reason than to procreate or consume. But since they were bum to bum, I'm voting for humping. Somehow a field of bugs practicing cannibalism doesn't conjure the same cosy image as a field of happy hedonists.

Of course, it slowed my already slow progress because I didn't want to step on any happy couples (or trios, or singles or whatever).

Lolo-I was humming that song as I made my way across the lady bug labyrinth.

I didn't even have the cell phone with me-so no pictures and that is a true shame. I'm not as fond of ladybirds or ladybugs as I used to be. Yes, they are fierce predators and beneficial insects, but they bite really hard and sometimes, I confess, I squish before thinking when they get me on the back of the neck.

I have a giant one living in my front pathway (KJ, don't go there) and she's always on the sidewalk sunning herself. I expect the mail person will get her one day.

GOOD LORD (as Oliver says) KJ-it's spring, it's TIME to be frisky. If you can't enjoy your body, there isn't much use in having one is there? I'm intending to take a well worn, well used carcass to the grave!