Wednesday, May 13, 2009

HAW and send me some CRAPS

The woman has been under the weather for the past few days and we are out of CRAPS. She said she'll go to the store this afternoon-she'd better. Life must go on, and I must have my craps. You humans call it priorities.



Teri C said...

Oh, poor Deb and there you are hollering at her. She will take care of you for sure.

Hope the weather gets brighter Deb.


studio lolo said...

Out of craps???!!!! Say it ain't so! That's like me being out of crap juice (wine!)

Be kind to your woman and nuzzle her. Maybe she'll get you two varieties ;)

Please thank her for her many comments today. I'm glad she took the time to catch up on blogging because her visits make me smile!

soulbrush said...

now you behave yourself oliver and let her rest, soon you'll have your craps! smooches from grandie and snuffs

Mim said...

Hey Ollie -we were worried about your human, she is a good human and you just wait for your craps. Did she have the flu? I hope not....

Happy Animal day Ollie and human

Debra Kay said...

NO NO NO she did not bring me any craps. She went to the store and got a thing called a Carry On for her father's vacation, she got some chicken broth and G-2 for HER......but no craps for me. Ok, so she didn't go to a store that HAD craps, but still, she could have stopped on the way home.

But, I did get some extra peanuts and almonds in my seeds, and a pepper pod. Better than nothing I guess.

Not sure what is going on with her-she's puking a lot and kind of boring and grumpy. I can still make her laugh though, so she'll probably be all right.