Wednesday, May 6, 2009

HAW-I got a Present!

Lolo sent me, me me, Mister BIRD, a present-a shiny ATC! All for me me me. What's funny, is I sent HER a present before I knew she sent me one. They must have crossed in the mail. Great minds think alike-so clearly Lolo has a great mind or maybe she is just thoughtful and kind. I like like like thoughtful kind people-yes yes yes. Thank you Lolo-you made my day! The woman won't let me have it though-she says I will chew it up....she may be right.

I don't really MEAN to chew things up-it starts out with just a nibble. If you didn't have hands, you'd explore things with your mouths too-yes, me and the Great White Shark, that's how WE roll. Using your mouth is very very clever though-you can feel AND taste it at the same time. Trouble is, when it's in your mouth you can't see it. So, you move your head to look, and then zoom in for another nibble...then another, then another, and pretty soon (or after two bites in the case of the GWShark), the item is gone.

Humans duplicate this behavior when they eat-I have observed them go hand to mouth without really even LOOKING at what they eat. No wonder they eat so much. What good are opposable thumbs if you don't even take the time to look at what they are holding? It's like having wings without flight.

Maybe that is what you do when you do that thing you call Art. You are taking the time to savor what your hands are doing. Kind of like me and chewing paper.

Now I have to wonder about the GWShark and his big fat seal. But who am I, Mister Birdy Birdy Bird, to say he doesn't enjoy that process? I'm sure the seal didn't, but too bad for Mr. Big Fat Dead seal. I know for a fact that I enjoy my craps, my paper, my peanuts. Oh yes, I do do do. I'm not sure why humans believe they are the only animals who know how to enjoy, especially since many of you are so bad at it....HAH HAH HAAAAAAAAAAA HAW HAW!


soulbrush said...

ollie show us da atc card..pleeese...and i also got a pressie in the post today...will blog it tomorrow, snuffs and i are sooo eggsited. now you be a good boy and don't eat your human! HAW bbbb (bloody big barmy bird!)

Debra Kay said...

The woman is having internet problems-so don't worry if she's not around. I will keep an eye on her.

For sure a picture is coming-but right now she has to get the connection fixed.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Oh Oliver, you are such a thinker. I will be looking more closely at what I am eating for the next few days. HAW toyou and your woman.

Mim said...

Oliver I think that the human should give you a paintbrush and let you paint what you want to - I bet it would be gorgeous - just like you!!!

studio lolo said...

hey Oliiiiiiver!!! I'm glad you like your sparkly present. I can't wait until tomorrow so I can show everyone what you sent me. it really made me smile :D
I'm glad the woman won't let you chew on it...even though there are oh so beautiful craps on there!!

Damn computer problems. My sympathy!

kj said...

hey debra kay, i'm behind in commenting. so i'll just say a smiling hello right now and of course i'll be back.


Mim said... are ya???