Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm no dummy-when all the furries go away, it's always followed shortly by the departure of the woman. It's been a long time since she's left though. She used to go a lot, now she doesn't.

Some people in her life are "concerned" by this, but not ME, not Mr. Bird. She has keys and cash-she'll come and go as she pleases, she always has, and she always will. I always get new toys when she goes, so it's definitely not ALL bad. Heh heh heh.

I have my CD;s and by tubs and tubs of food and hidden treats. The parakeets need my attention. She won't leave me loose though-that pisses me off. If she isn't here, then I SHOULD be able to play in the kitchen sink, and rearrange the cabinets to my liking-don't you think?

But, I don't like not knowing when she'll be back, and when I'll get my next egg or crap. I think she took the egg lady with her, so there may be an interruption in my egg supply. NO NO NO.

We've discussed an even bigger cage, she and I. Yes yes yes I said. But she said no no no and something about private space vs. communal space, and some nonsense about how some birds don't get the run of the house most days. I wonder if this is true? Are there birds that don't get to do what they want all day long?

I think I remember a time like that too. Yes, I do. And I didn't like it.

Would you choose freedom or a bigger cage? That's a heavy question for HAW!!!


studio lolo said...

The woman needs this vacation Oliver. Maybe she didn't let you have the run of the house so you wouldn't hurt yourself. Yeah..that's it!!
Hmmm, freedom or a bigger cage?
Why don't you look at the bigger cage as more freedom than you've had ;)
Kind of like 'the cage is half full' philosphy!

soulbrush said...

just think how glad you will be to see her again oliver! a bigger cage is a good idea, but she is 'top dog' or 'top parrot' so to she comes first, but in my would be top of whatever you wanted to be...happy hols debs...

Mim said...

She is top dinosaur in my book Ollie - and you'd better get used to that! You KNOW that you are a dinosaur...right?

Freedom or a bigger thoughts for a little bird...

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I would choose freedom if I were you Oliver. I would rather have more free time than a larger cage and have to be in there more. Freedom! Haw!

kj said...

where is my gd comment?!!! that blogger--i told you last night i love that you are doing thursday 13's and what else did i say about your 13's? oh damn!