Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thirteen in 10 minutes

1. I have 10 minutes before I have to dress (redress, I'm muddy from dog bathing) and take Moon to class. This is the class where Shelly and I will decide whether we want to tuff it out with 3 giant dogs whose owners don't have a clue, or move to a quieter class.

2. I haven't had solid food in days. Ok, I had some on Sunday, but it didn't stay long. I had a stuck episode with my lap band, went to have it unfilled on Monday, and caught a stomach virus at the Dr.'s while I waited. I'm not even going to weigh until I get back from vacation next week-I'm sure I'll have put on what I need to regain by then....LOL.

3. It has rained 17 out of 18 days now in Oklahoma City, and last night there were tornadoes a few miles from my house.

4. Apparently vomiting uses stomach muscles, because I feel as if I have performed 10,000 crunches. Maybe I'll firm up a bit.

5. Sonny the python ate three large chicks last week-he should be good for awhile.

6. After I fed Sunny I really craved eggs and matzo ball soup.

7. I was netless from last ???? till Monday-by the time I got home Monday the flu bug was already taking hold-so I haven't been around much.

8. "Hola" is Oliver's new call word for when he wants me to answer him. It used to be hello or "what you doing?". If he isn't speaking to me, he prefers I keep quiet and let him talk.

9. My parents and I are going to California next week. Oliver will still post, but he will not be able to respond as he scribe will be gone. Same for any posts you might read after Wednesday-I haven't pre posted any, but I might.

10. I have two more minutes to come up with three more items. This is one.

11. Right now there is an E-show on Serial Killers on the TV. I think the Toddler channel would be a better background, but I'm saving that for when I leave.

12. I bought two new pair of shorts and a belt to wear on vacation.

13. I have to pee before I leave for class. Actually, I just have to pee, but it's time to leave too, so I'll pee, change clothes, then leave. Sorry, that's a pathetic one, but it IS what's uppermost on my mind.


kj said...

haha, a stream of consciousness from debra kay. but the fate of large chicks--i stand for the underchickdogs. it unsettled my own dear stomach...

have fun,


studio lolo said...

California?? Where in California? I don't care what I'm doing or how busy I might be if you're going to be in my 'hood I have to see you!

California is a big ass place though.

Debra Kay said...

Lolo, I will be in Fairfield, but if I get to come back this year, it will be to your area. I really want to spend more time at the aquarium now that I can walk. Do they have a GW at the moment? I know they let them go when they start eating the other fish.

KJ, it is bizarre to me how I can so love and adore my birds, and I do not disrespect the animals I use to feed, but as for the chicks, well, I eat them too. It really reinforces the old "perception is reality"-two birds, one friend, one food. Of course, food is a friendly act too-maybe we should "love" our food more (and ourselves). Deep shit today, huh?