Sunday, May 3, 2009

Mud and Bizarre Anniversary

This is the anniversary of the May 3 Tornado (we are so clever with our naming protocols here in Oklahoma), noted for being the highest wind speed ever recorded on earth. This big boy was notable not only for its size, but the time it stayed on the ground and the length and width of the destruction path.

Tornados are measured in part by the dollar amount of damage they do. I speculate that this came about prior to our ability to measure wind speed. So, a big tornado in a cornfield isn't rated as high as a medium tornado in a heavily populated area. This one was a big tornado in a heavily populated area.

I remember being awestruck as I drove in to town afterward, because entire neighborhoods were just gone. I almost ran off the highway I was so shocked at my first sight-my brain was trying to process exactly what all those slabs in the middle of nowhere were. Then it hit me, driveways for houses that were no longer there.

Having recently heard what it sounds like when trees are ripped apart slowly by ice, I can only imagine the rapid shredding of trees and homes-imagine and shiver.

On this May 3rd, 10 years later, I am literally knee deep in mud and having trouble maintaining a perky outlook about it-it's good for the garden, we need the rain are my mantras. Prissy hates it, Moon loves it, all the other dogs are pretty indifferent. Molly likes the puddles. Casper is grumpy in his pasture, but does enjoy the grass. I spend the morning shoveling wet dog shit and I'll spend part of tomorrow picking horse shit and mud out of hooves. But, we need the rain. It's good for the garden.

In the meantime, I'm making gluten free non-kosher matzo ball soup with fresh herbs and green onions from my garden, courtesy of the rain.


studio lolo said...

I really think I'd pass out if I saw a tornado heading my way. They scare the pants off me.
I've been through several hurricanes including Andrew and Hugo, but a tornado? I hope the hell I never experience one.

Your soup sounds perfect for a rainy, muddy day. Nice way to wrap it all up with gratitude!

Mim said...

gluten free non-kosher matzo ball soup????? my grandma is turning in her grave! OY

soulbrush said...

reminds me of dorothy in oz! i could go for anything gluten free and non -kosher...sounds brilliant.

Debra Kay said...

Well, the non kosher is just me being cheap-but kosher matzo meal is expensive and hard to come by, and I'm not Jewish so it doesn't seem worth the expense. So I used gluten free baking mix, and that worked very nicely.

I also didn't use schmaltz-but butter/olive oil for my fat-and it was yummmy. I did have chicken fat in my broth, I made a dorky cheese cloth thing of all my herbs and chopped in some small carrots from the fridge and onion from the garden.

I really was pleased with the result, much better than canned or jarred.

I have a weird relationship with animal fat-I can eat a stick of butter (really, I can) but raw lard or chicken fat just grosses me out, yet I will happily chew on the fatty piece of a steak. It makes no sense, but not much does.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yes, I hear you. I feel the same way. We will be begging for rain in a couple of months. Too bad Mother Nature doesn't spread out her offerings a little more even.