Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday 13

1. I wanted to be a jockey or a farrier when I was a kid. In fact, at 13 I wanted to drop out of public school and go to farrier school.

2. I used to be phobic about touching dead things-dead pets, etc. Not so much any more, but it took a deliberate choice to work through it as a kid. I was a strange kid.

3. I'm glad I worked through it, because I was able to touch Uncle John's hand after he died, and when he was in the coffin. It reassured me he wasn't "there" any more.

4. I hated mayo as a kid, and now I like it better than miracle whip.

5. One of the first poems I wrote in grade school was about a specter. "I once knew a haunter, who as she would saunter, would preen her hazy hair"....I think the word we had to use was hazy, but I'm really not sure. Maybe it was saunter, since I made up a word to rhyme with it. But, I've always remembered that poem, because I liked it. I think I was in 5th grade.

6. I was conducting business at the trailer place last week and out of the blue the guy says "Oh, do you like to fish?" I was surprised and said "No, not really, why do you ask?" and he said "well, do you know you have a fishing lure on your keychain?" and I said "yes" and he said "why?" and I said "because it's pretty and I can find it in my purse" and he didn't know what to say...which kind of annoyed me and I'm still not sure why.

7. One of my favorite shows on Animal Planet is Groomer Has It, and probably Beverly HIlls Groomer (I just love Artist). I used to be a dog groomer, but not a very good one. I don't have the fuss over hair gene, and honestly, many of the groomers on groomer has it don't have it either. They are terrible groomers.

8. Sometimes I'd like a freeze frame button just to stop the world so I could catch up on sleep without getting further behind.

9. When I close my eyes just to escape, I always go to the beach.

10. When I was being put under for the lap band my last thought was "I wish I had had a chance to own a horse" and now I have that chance. I'm honestly not sure that that is my truly greatest wish, or my mind was still editing-sharks and snakes are not good surgery images.

11. I would very much like to keep a big burmese or retic-but I'm self imposing the 10 foot rule and just visit friends for the big boy fix.

12. I've noticed my "favorite" horses at the stable are not horses I would like to own-but rather horses I'm glad I don't own but glad I get to know. Am I getting away from coveting or thinking I can "fix" everything? Well, Casper is my favorite, but he's mine and that isn't what this entry is about.

13. I always get to 13 and blank out-as if I'm afraid that if I put down a thought I'd have a better one later.


studio lolo said...

I love the idea of a freeze-frame button!

I was a groomer for several years. It's frustrating, back breaking work. It pushed my "nice" button which upsets me because I'm so in love with animals. I was really good at the foofy, hand scissoring cuts! And strips. The dogs I stripped were always so smooth, not choppy looking.
I was trained by this wonderful extremely butch gay woman who always had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She'd crack me up when a pretty woman came in with her dog. She'd practically knock us all over to get to her! I'm sure she's dead from lung cancer by now because she was coughing 30 years ago when I knew her. She was great.

I should come up with 13 things one day. I like these!

soulbrush said...

getting to know more about you is always fun for me. that no 6 is a good one. how do you know it wasn't a 'chat -up' line...a sort of 'come to bed with me' puick up line! grin!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't see how you can come up with so many things about yourself. I find it most difficult to write about myself.

kj said...

debra kay, i really like that you are doing thursday 13's. and it's a great way to know you better. so you imagine the beach, huh? me too. a certain part of the bay in provincetown. i can feel the cold water on my toes.

how was your trip? i hope you have a good weekend. it's the kickoff to summer, but i want spring for longer.


kj said...

oh, here i am. i blamed blogger when the problem was my temporary incapacity. xoxox