Wednesday, May 20, 2009

HAW Supplemental

Nope, not Oliver, it's me, me, Debra Kay!

Oliver has been working on Hola! Como Esta? and he's decided to put the two phrases together, only for the past few days it's come out :

Hola? OH GOD! Now he's getting there, because he does whip out a Como Esta every now and then, but he really seems to prefer OH GOD.

It's a tricky business because he practices quietly and I am not supposed to notice till he calls out-then I am allowed to respond. He's very sensitive when he's learning something new. So don't tell him I told you.

He's now playing with Como Esta as a stand alone, and getting better. It's the stringing together that challenges him. He just said. Hola! Como Esta? GOOD LORD! So he's getting there, BY GOD.


studio lolo said...

I bought a little version of Spanish for Dummies and Oliver still knows more than me!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Mucho Bueno for Oliver. I hope I just said very good for Oliver. tee hee...