Tuesday, May 5, 2009

KMAT and Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Yes, Kiss My Ass Tuesday. This post may be long-I'm starting it on Sunday.

Stopped up kitchen sink AND DIRTY DISHES-KISS KISS KISS MY ASS. Dishes are like dogma AND dogshit-people think they have to have them, but they sure stink if you don't take care of them. Use disposables and you pollute the earth. My Mom is one of those people who can't cope with life if there is a dirty dish in the sink. I myself have been known to throw out everything and just start over. KISS MY ASS DIRTY DISHES and KISS MY ASS about to become dirty dishes-even clean ones are just waiting THEIR chance to be dirty.

People who say "You got another........_________fill in the blank". I'm not thinking of me, I'm thinking of someone else I know who posted pictures of her newest horse (she now has TWO, oh horrors) and sure enough, someone said "WHAT, you got another one?" KIss MY ASS on her behalf and behalf of myself and all the other (probably more of us than you) people who like animals, computers, cars or whatever. If you are truly concerned, then have the balls to say "I'm worried about your spending" or whatever it is you are worried about. If you just don't understand, shut up and KISS MY ASS. I'm sorry, what's that? Yes, you ARE entitled to an opinion-and you can even give it later on if you like, but NOT during the proud unveiling. What ever happened to just being happy because someone else is happy. Oh yes, YOU people, Kiss My Ass.

People who allow themselves to be dragged by a four pound dog-Please, please kiss my ass. How is this even possible? Clearly you have remedial reading and training to do prior to purchasing your little poochie-so, KISS MY ASS. (This is dedicated to the lady at Petsmart whose Cavalier King Charles PUPPY drug her across the room so she could bounce in my dog (who was in a down command)'s face. Now, we are supposed to welcome these distractions, but really lady, Kiss My Ass and buy a stuffed animal. It's people like that who give small dogs a bad name, so Kiss Prissy's Ass too.

Rain and Mud-Kiss My Ass. Enough already.


studio lolo said...

I have a counterfull of dirty dishes as we speak. I'm always surprised how 2 people can't keep up with their dirty dishes. I never use the dishwasher. It's old and it's in an inconvenient place. I have to do all these body gyrations just to have access to it. Not worth it. So every couple of days the dishes get done. Or, most of them and the it starts again.
This is one of the things I want to change when we move.

And that lady with the CCC puppy? She can kiss my ass too! WTF???

Debra Kay said...

OH really, that is puppy dragging thing is just obnoxious-no wonder little dogs don't know how to meet other dogs properly-and it is SO doable. In Molly's puppy class there is a tiny Yorkie, a Boston and the smallest Sheltie I have ever seen-and all three of those dogs will be fabulous, well behaved pets. It CAN be done.