Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HAW, It's all about Mr. Bird, Mr. Birdy Bird!!!!!

Of course, that applies to many other days besides Wednesday. Oh Oh Yes, yes, yesssssss. When the woman came home my first words were a mumbled "No Prissy" because she woke me up from a sound sleep and I thought she was messing with that beast in the middle of the night.

Later, after I finished my sleep and had a few warm up runs, I sang a beautiful Operatic version of Mr. Bird, Mr. Biiiiiiiiiird, Good Mr. Bird......good Bird. The woman admired it so much I added some body noises to the final mix. Not many birds could manage an operatic belch.

We (the woman and me me me) shared a thing called a peach. It was mushy and sweet. Not as nice as craps though.

Monday was nice-just the woman, the keets, the cat, and me, me, me. I made sure she didn't miss the dogs by barking and being a squeaky toy. With me around, who needs anyone else? That's me, the real deal.....MR. BIRD!


soulbrush said...

any anyone who says otherwise can KMFA mr bird, birdy bird, the king of all birds, the one and only BIG BIRD! and btw haw to what's her name!

studio lolo said...

Of course you're the real deal Oliver! What? No craps??? Peaches are good but you'd better start riding her butt about the crap situation! A parrot must have his craps!
Maybe if you crooned her a love song?

ROTFLMAO! The word verif is MYTOOTI!

Debra Kay said...

I tried the sweet talking thing-she's enjoyed it when I say Hola, Como Esta? So, I did that a few times and then I said Oliver, Como Esta? and she cracked up. She says we have to eat the other peach and the apple before we get craps. But, she made me some stewed potatoes,carrots and beets (all fresh) so I may let her slide some. She does appear to be making up for the DAYS I spent without freshly cooked food.

I have to check on something she told me though-not that I doubt her word (HAW). She said that there are birds who eat seeds only-not even any nuts. Not by choice, no no no-they only get whatever comes in a box poured in the bowl, sometimes for several day (not fresh each day, not even ONCE each day!) Is that true? If it is BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

SB-you got that right chica! I'm a good bird too, a good good bird-that woman tells me so. (She actually corrects me when I say NO BAD bird-she doesn't like to hear those words-so I try not to say them, unless I want her to come running, heh heh heh).

Teri C said...

Oliver, you really have to get over your shy, retiring nature. lol


Debra Kay said...

You are right Teri. The woman was LATE putting on Toddler Tunes today and I think we missed the biplane, bi-plane, way up in the sky plane.....oooooooooooooh, genius! If I were more assertive, she would never have done that! Hmph!

Mim said...

Oh Ollie -it's all about you buddy - always

Debra Kay said...

Mim-you know greatness when you see it, don't you!