Monday, March 31, 2008

A Tornado (Siren)

Sirens went off about 1:45. Dogs howled. After 10 minutes or so I got up to check the radar. I have "the Dish" until I get cable on Wednesday-so there is no point in turning on the TV. The Dish doesn 't like wind or rain or birds pooping on it. radar does show a strong storm with a good hook echo about 20 miles north of here, moving rapidly to the N, NE. So, why the hell is MY siren blowing? The hook is near my cousin's house, but she lives in the country so there are no sirens waking HER up. Should I call? Probably not. So again, why is MY siren blowing?

Here's the deal weather peeps. If I can log on, pull up the weather radar and see that the storm is away from here, headed further away STILL-why can't you? I do understand the storm warning was for Oklahoma County. Oklahoma County is one of the biggest (in terms of land area) counties in the nation. You'd think in 2008 we'd have our disaster grid a little bit more refined.

Yeah, I'm grumpy. My beloved Dottie is dead, my other dogs are howling. Uncle John is not doing well and I was asleep and not thinking of ANY of that until the genius at the fire station down the street said "hey, let's blow the siren and wake a bunch of people UP". Now I am thinking about it, and yeah, that pisses me off.

The cat, is, however, delighted. She's dozing on my shoulder, snoring softly as old kitties often do. My head is resting on her rump while I type. But frankly, I'd rather be sound asleep, blissfully unaware of disasters unfolding 20 miles to the north.

My resolution to NOT hate Mondays is wavering.


Anonymous said...

Errrrrrmmmm happy remainder of Monday?

Fern said...

ah the call of the siren....calling you to the sea perhaps?

Debra Kay said...

Having slept a bit, in a less grumpy state, I realize that it is better to err on the side of caution.

The sea always calls to me. It's been months since I've seen the ocean. Next month I'm going to California, and maybe we can include an ocean journey. It's a group thing, and I'm the only sea dog in the bunch...but I have my nefarious ways. A trip to San Francisco gives me my ocean fix, the other's their building/bridges fix and we all get to eat seafood on the Wharf. Win win still happens.

Forever Young said...

bloody hell, your life is never dull, thank goodness for cats rumps i say.

Debra Kay said...

What is even more amazing is how respectful Pasht was of Dottie in her last hours. Pasht and Dottie, two strong spirits, did not approve of each other in the least. But several times over their life together (Pasht came first) when one or the other was ill, all hostilities would cease until a full recovery was made. It really goes to illustrate that high status, high self esteem does not have to do away with compassion.

Pasht has indicated her preference for no other cats during the remainder of her reign-then turned around an allowed a stray into the garage during the last cold spell. She's really getting soft in her dottage.

yellowdog granny said...

here in west, texas when the siren goes off, you usually can't hear it over the tornado.
plus they sound it when they have a grass fire, meetings of the volunteer firefighters and something else, i forget..but i can never remember how many rings is for tornado's and how many rings it is for the im always running out side and looking at the weather to see what's up...thanks for stoping by...for a minute i thought you were my cousin from houston, who's name is debra kay...and my first thought was oh, shit they found me...ha