Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flipping the Bird

Right now there is a young starling warming up in my dog room. It happened like this:

I decided to take a can of hairspray I never use down to Mom's house and get a cup of coffee at the same time. Mom was coming back from her walk and said "there's a baby bird that was in the street, I chased it into Harvey's yard".

I went to investigate and there was a young, fully fledged but unable to fly starling huddled up in the yard. I picked him up and carried him over to the magnolia tree, but he was too cold and frightened to hang on, so he fell onto the grass. I put my hand down, which he now knew was warm, and he hopped right up.

So, I went back, bird in hand, to collect my coffee and Mom went into a flap about disease and bird flu. I said "I'll be right back" and took the bird down, deposited it in a snake tank in the new "dog room", washed my hands and went back for coffee.

I really think the bird is Ok, it is just cold and frightened. I'll give it some dog food in a bit and check the weather. It may need to stay a day or two till it warms up. I gave away the chicken cage, but I can makeshift something for it if need be AND I have the avairy/snake exercise pen I built on the front of the house, so it can practice flying before it heads out. See how things work out if you let them?


Anonymous said...

HEEHEE! I had a baby Starling named. Mini Minor not too long ago who lived in my cupboard for the first week! She is with a flock now :)

Debra Kay said...

Well, this thing can't feed itself yet so I'm doing the eyedropper routine-but it caught onto that right away. I read that starlings are related to mynah birds and I can see the resemblence.

It seemed to know right away my hand was warmer, and while it struggles a bit it's not at all silly about it like some birds. All in all, it seems like a very sensible creature.

Forever Young said...

aaaaaawww, this is the luckiest little birdie today. if not for you he'd be dead now. what a superb human being you are debs and you give me great hope for this damnably awful world we live in.

RED MOJO said...

I'm glad you heated the birdie. Is it okay? What's happening? Tell me, I have to know!!!

Debra Kay said...

The little one passed away last night-it was eating and pooping and warm-but I guess it just didn't have the srength to make it. But, it died quietly in an aspen nest instead of freezing or being eaten by a cat.

Anonymous said...