Friday, March 14, 2008

10 Odd Facts about Today

1. The first hole I dug for my doggy dooley septic system was over the cellar-so I had to dig another hole. Can't have doggy septic seepage in the fraidy hole. (Okie term for storm cellar).

2. I decided I did not want to buy a body bugg super movement tracker gadget thingy because I doubt once I finish losing weight I would want to keep up the service. Just too expensive. 10 minutes later I bought my Mom's car that used to be my Uncle John's because I didn't want Daddy to trade it in. It is a 1990 something (I think) and it has less miles on it than my new truck.

3.I had to fill up the septic system hole with water to test the drainage. While I was contemplating whether or not to cover it, Lily fell in. I covered the hole.

4.I did not go on a horsey excursion with a friend today because I didn't want to open up that issue for me again. I got a small lecture from mom on not getting out and doing things, and that it IS possible to see an animal in need and not bring it home. (I don't believe that last part).

5. The cat is draped around my neck while I type this-she just farted.

6. I discovered every green thing in my front lawn is weeds. I do like clover, but I realize now it is a weed and people pay to have it removed and probably don't like my rampant clover field. Since I like my neigbhors better than I like clover, I sprayed the clover.

7. The man behind me shared his plans for his gourd garden and offered me all the gourds I wanted to make bird houses out of. I told him I'd share my veggies.

8. I used the twist ties from my new garden hose to string together bamboo poles and make uprights for my veggies.

9. I have no earthly idea what I'm going to have for dinner and it's 5:14. That's how I roll.

10. I decided what to make for Easter Dinner-reservations.


Mim said...

quite the list. What is the body bugg thing?

Debra Kay said...

It is a thing you wear on your upper arm and it measures your activity throughout the day. When downloaded into a computer it compares your activity with what you ate (input by you from the computer) and gives you a read out of how you are doing.

I am currently obsessed with fit which does the same thing, but just based on general assumptions, not actual body responses.

kj said...

i'd like to see pictures of your veggie garden. what are the chances?


Forever Young said...

do you know how much i adore reading your posts? do you know how much of it is similar to the 'real' me and what's going on inside me? well, it is - except i cover it all with 'giggles' and short posts, not willing to bear it all i suppose, been used to NOT giving all....keep going, these are great, loved no 5.

Debra Kay said...

Right now it's just empty containers and dirt-but when it greens up, I will take pictures of its bounty!

No. 5 is a good one. The Cat has been my zen master for 13 or 14 years now, and she constantly reminds me not to take myself seriously. In fact, she's curled up on my shoulders dozing again while I typem her nose buried in the spot on my shirt where I cuddled a baby bird this morning. I don't think her intentions towards the bird are the same as mine, but we are both enjoying it nonetheless, each in our own way.