Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Surrender is hard work

Surrender is hard work, but you can't work at it. If you are working at it, it's not a surrender. It's like trying to push out a fart and soiling yourself.

I AM learning to quiet my mind and to recognize when it's running around in circles being not at all useful. This is turning out to be a good coping skill.

Now that the dogs have been given their own room, the cat has reclaimed her spot on my pillow and is teaching me about relaxation. The older she gets, the louder she snores.

The clock is marking time on the wall in two part rhythm. Tomorrow is another day, but this moment is sublime.

I'm going to bed. Goodnight.


Forever Young said...

i am not sure i like the word' surrender'...it's like 'failure'...maybe you should be 'agreeing to disagree' with your self. my mind goes round in whirls as soon as my head hits the pillow, it annoys me so MUCH! be still you stupid mind is what i say....and sometimes it listens!!! otherwise i start thinking of song lyrics to get me distracted.

Debra Kay said...

Surrender in this context is more like submitting to the situation, and even then, it doesn't mean you are going to go along with the situation, you are just admitting there IS a situation.

Until you full comprehend what is going on, how can you change it?

I agree, the word implies a certain lack of power that is offputting. Another phrase I've heard used is "it is what it is" but that has been used in business context so much that for me the spiritual side of it has been stripped.

When you factor in the fact that I used to be an accountant-that's a little frightening that we would be sitting and discussing what the numbers meant. "What does this million dollar reduction MEAN? What loophole exists to alter that meaning?"

Fern said...

I like the word surrender...its got lovely connotations to me

as long as the Wicked Witch's sky message to Dor-o-thy doesn't squeeze into my head.