Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Flower

Once upon a time someone sent me a bouquet because I was ill
I enjoyed it then in that far ago time
I took a picture not knowing then
I would call it back to me
On another rainy day when my soul needed a flower
Fragile forms wither
Beauty remains forever.


kj said...

how are you doing, debra kay? i've been thinking about you and wishing you gentle winds.

Debra Kay said...

Well, it's 2 am Monday and the tornado sirens blew-winds aren't quite so gentle. It's north of here, but now I'm awake so I think I'll catch up on some blogs.

Forever Young said...

and its glorious, memories can be good things (sometimes). it's that 'half full glass with water, and that half empty glass with castor oil thing'!