Wednesday, March 19, 2008

MMMM mmmm good

I thought I was finally cracking up-but then I realized I must have posted my last post after midnight. I meant for my Wednesday post to be a lighthearted diatribe on the joys of a subway sandwich.

I love my lapband, but it does not love bread. So, today, on the eve of my fill, I decided to take advantage of my empty lapband and enjoy a subway sandwich. It was Daddy's idea to go to subway, I was just there yesterday (for a salad) but I really wanted to give that bread a try. Once more for old time's sake.

It was heaven. It required a bit of chewing, but it went down without too much fuss.

What's really interesting, at least to me, is that it didn't trigger an immediate and unquenchable reaction so snosh down and ton of bread products. I really thought it might. It was good, don't get me wrong, but other than wanting to write about it, I have no desire to sit and think about it any more than that. Coming from someone who used to crave subway, that's a big change.

So many of the things that used to be "problem foods" are really not. I've gone from a sweet treat every couple of days to maybe every couple of weeks. I will throw out ice cream because it gets old before I finish it.

I pretty much have complete honesty with myself now. I know when I'm at the grocery store if something might be a problem, and if it is, I don't buy it.

At subway today, I ate until I lost interest, and left the rest. I came home, recorded the meal (I'm tracking food right now) and didn't have a feeling either way about it-it was just lunch, with my father, and it was nice, but not a cause for triumph or defeat.

These are all positive, healthy changes. I sometimes forget my own advice about acknowledging your own accomplishments, so I decided to do so today.


Michele said...

I'm currently engrossed in reading all about fertility and how to maintain it, etc. I'm reading a new book now that says one of the best ways to stay fertile ... and healthy ... longer is to eat as close to nature as possible. So I've really be focused on that a lot the last three days and I'm doing fairly well. It's it's not whole wheat bread, I don't eat it, even though I LOVE subway's cheese bread. I've had salad every day for lunch and a side salad with my dinner. I'm avoiding meat as much as possible and only eating fish. I really do feel better about myself. Funny how food works that way isn't it?

Fern said...

food is weird.

what it can do to your head.

I mean one's head, not just yours..

you know?

Forever Young said...

bread does me in, but i do love it soooooo. i stick to rye bread as it doesn't make me bloat. do want to know more abotu this lap band, will e mail you.
have tagged you (again) i think you'll play, but if you don't wanna, then don't.

Afreud of Myself said...

I think we all have lapbands, some looped around our stomachs, others around our heads.

My lapband for as long as I can remember, has been something called Prozac.

Having been off it for about six weeks, I'm realising that maybe I don't actually need it anymore.

(Probably because I have other lapbands that have replaced it).

Debra Kay said...

One of the things the lapband does is put pressure on your vegus nerve. I no longer have "that strange feeling in the pit of my stomach" which I thought was in my head but really WAS in my stomach. I think a lot of what I thought was depression and anxiety was an active vegus nerve.

That said, I am still taking Prozac, but not relying on it to do the job alone any more. It's still a tool in my bag of tricks, but not the only one.