Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Where did this wall come from?

Emotionally, I'm at a wall. My house is, well, a mess. It didn't turn in to the Better Homes and Garden place I thought it would-although the Garden does look nice. I still don't know what I'm going to do to earn a living. Mom has been diagnosed with rhuematoid arthritis and that scares me.

So, what's a girl to do? Well, I'm turning the sunroom into a gym-Mom is addicted to walking and that isn't going to be a good thing any more. So I'm getting her a stationary bicycle so she doesn't have to depend on the trike and me going to the park every day. I'm thinking of putting in weights for me. We may or may not work out together-we haven't worked that part out.

And, I'm going to Florida next week to see Sue and Jay. No sense in sitting here crying mea culpa-I'm well enough to travel, I have a free ticket, and maybe things will shake loose in my head. Sometimes when the going gets tough you just have to make your way to a beach. The ocean really does help me clear my head.

On the lap band front I ate some pulverized chicken-heaven I tell you, sheer heaven. Pulverized chicken smashed with pears from my backyard-yes, I have weird taste, but I'm telling you, it was greatness.

Mom is cooking fish today and then we are going to see Uncle John. Oh yeah I remember now, this is what I came to Oklahoma to do=spend more time with family. And that part I really enjoy. It's a shame society doesn't put as much value on that as it does on the career thing.

And, by golly, I have a pretty pot of hibiscus in front of my house and some new fencing for the front flower bed. Loading the fencing into the truck laid me up a bit, but I'm going to try unloading it and planting the fence tonight. You know what, I AM making progress. I forget to reward progress, only results. I gotta work on that.


Michele said...

I think sometimes we just get into a funk and it has to pass. I know I always want to jump in and do something to "fix" it but I really think waiting it out (unless it's truly depression) is probably the best way.

Debra Kay said...

True-it's the mind's way of saying slow down and let things work out on their own.....