Friday, August 17, 2007

Wild Alligators!

I saw my first alligator in the wild yesterday-his head poking up while he floated around in the warm river water. Maya the jungle girl was sitting on my lap and we marveled at it together.

Kids definitely require a lot more stamina than I am used to. Since I've been here we've ridden a bike, swam, and today we are going to the beach! I still get worn out pretty easily, but the body is holding up and actually responding to the workouts. Sue is a bandster so there are plenty of band friendly things around-she's more experienced with mushies than I am.

I've posted this blog address on the OH website, but so little of it is about the band. It incorporated very well and quickly into my life and I'm taking for granted (a little) the fact that I'm just not hungry. And, like all the literature says, as long as I don't drink high calorie liquids,other foods really aren't a problem.

I do think I have a piece of stitch left in my side, but I'm just letting it work its way out-the seawater today will most likely do the job.

Vacations are cool. My brother said "I wish I were a professional vacationer " and I got a bit indignant because I really haven't had a vacation vacation in, well, MONTHS. But really, there was no criticism intended and I do require more vacations than most. Not la-de-da vacations-running around the pool with friend's kids is far more fun than a posh spa-really. I feel more welcome and at home here. In fact, I even suggested I come back and watch the girls while Jay and Sue go somewhere. It would be a good thing for us all-put me out of my comfort zone, give them a break and the kids will most likely survive.

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