Friday, August 31, 2007

Which way is up?

Dryer arrives-it does need a vent so I sent it back and walked down to my folks house where my brother is staying. All of the sudden no one was as eager to work on the dryer as they were when they were telling me that buying the first one was the wrong thing to do.

Could this be the dreaded "hormonal syndrome" or whatever they talk about with lap bands? I mean, clearly my family is crazy, but I don't usually have to retreat to bawl every few minutes.

I pulled the cubicle out of the garage, watered the roses and waved bye bye as they left for lunch. Because no crisis, plane departure or arrival, should ever, EVER conflict with appointed meal times. Now truly, I don't care when they look at the dryer, but really.

It is neat to see how my bro interacts with the family. He and Daddy were eating breakfast, Mom was having hers in the living room with me (I wasn't up to eating yet, but stopped in with a foot massager for mom). Mom to Bill-"there is more cereal on the cabinet. You are welcome to it. Don't eat too much though, we are going to lunch."

It was amazing that Bill just didn't melt down with that input. I mean, really, are you supposed to eat more cereal, not eat more cereal, eat SOME but not too much?

Again, I am hyper sensitive to food things right now, but good lord. I admire my brother. He's a bit tubby now, but it's because he overeats and he will, when he decides to, quit overeating and lose a bit of weight. He won't spend any time beating himself up about it either way. He's so damn normal.

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