Monday, August 13, 2007

Gas X Beans and the Band

I had my first event of "head" hunger-I ate dinner late because I hadn't really had enough calories for the day-not because I was hungry. Never, ever eat fat free refried beans after eating cabbage for lunch. It's truly better not to eat at all. Really. I promise.

But Gas X really works. Now gas with fresh tummy scars is a little more painful than regular old gas. I swear my port was bulging but maybe it was my imagination.
Gas X, water and a doze in the recliner and I was ready to go back to bed-however sleep was elusive.

I haven't written much about the lap band because there is nothing to report. I'm not weighing until September (my first fill) and I'm just bopping along learning how to eat without getting ill. I've actually never thrown up, but I'm still new to the band-I'm sure it will happen, but apparently it doesn't have to be an every day thing.

It WOULD be easy to obsess but I am working hard not to. For instance, when I realized I ate because of numbers rather than real hunger, I felt like such a failure-for a few minutes. Then I also realized that if I didn't do things like that, I would never have needed the band.

I also woke up sore this morning from all the snake wrangling I did yesterday-I mean I did a rigtheous amount of manual labor. I was very satisfied and felt like a real snake rancher.

An aquaintance has mentioned he might want to offload some bloods and a reticulated python with an interesting bloodline. The tic is a male and would not likely get longer than 14 feet-but more importantly I have a female with coloration that might niche with this bloodline. So, I am thinking about it.

I've got piles of horse pictures to look at, but my hopes are on a horse owned by a Sister on the Fly. He's a little taller than I wanted, but who better than a middle aged lady to know what another middle aged lady would feel comfortable riding? I'm really concerned with people who try to hard to "sell" a horse because I am not equipped for a problem horse. I need a four legged babysitter.

I may have a dog training client. A friend has a psycho dog and I've offered to give it a go. My mom was worried about zoning rules, etc....they really are opposed to any more animals. Part of me thinks I just should have moved into the country, but the other part really enjoyed taking them lunch today and sharing a meal. Mom will be feeding the chicken while I am away for the remainder of the week-the snakes are on their own.

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